Sports and Fitness Programs

of such qualifications as Bachelor of Physical Education, Associate Diploma Child Care, Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness and a huge range of other specific sports coaching certificates. We comply with the Primary PE Curriculum as well as the Early Years Learning Framework – Kindergarten Curriculum. This means we aren’t just about physical development, Physi kids also focuses on each child’s self confidence and social interaction skills. Most of all Physi kids is lot’s of FUN!!!


Fitness          Strength          Posture          Endurance          Agility          Balance     Speed            Power              Ball handling      Tumbling          Rhythm & Dance     Jumping rope   Spatial & Sensory Awareness


Greatly improves self confidence          Teaches names of muscles and bones

Heightens awareness of nutrition         Gives feeling of team involvement

Creates intelligent performers                Teaches turn taking and sharing

Instills a love of physical activity Encourages self expression

Identifies safe techniques Develops problem solving skills


Calisthenics                           Aerobic Exercise           Anaerobic Exercise          Isometric Contractions
Isotonic Contractions          Exploration                    Experimentation


Tennis         Soccer          Basketball            Netball          T-ball          Afl          Rugby League          Hockey Cricket          Yoga          Gymnastics          Athletics        Ultimate Frisbee      Bootcamp                 Volleyball   Music & Movement  

EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM for children aged 2 ½ to 6 years

A 30 minute program that comes to your centre at a regular time throughout the entire year. For example, every Thursday at 9.00 am.  We have 26 different programs, which run rotationally, introducing your children to 12 different sporting categories. We have aligned our programs with the current Early Years Learning Framework – Kindergarten Curriculum, so you know you are getting a program that understands children and their families.

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SPORTING SCHOOLS PROGRAM for primary students aged up to 12 years. 

We can visit your school during school hours with our PE Curriculum based programs.  You can also apply for the funding of our programs through

ACTIVE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM for primary students aged up to 12 years.

We love to visit schools regularly and can be very flexible with the programs we offer.

VACATION PROGRAM for primary students aged up to 12 years.
A very busy 1 hour program which comes to your school or facility. We will completely tire the children out with our variety of games, or specific sports based programs. You can choose. This is a one-off visit which is a very popular, hands-on alternative to ‘shows’ during school holidays. What activities are played at vacation care?

What child (or grown up) wouldn’t want to test their kicking speed with our radar gun? Hula hoop challenges, eggs & spoons, jumping sacks, or even water fun!  Giant ball games are awesome too! Or you may like a soccer, rugby, or hockey clinic. Just about any sport really. The games are endless and not every vacation care booking is the same.