Physi kids


Can my child attend on a fortnightly basis?Yes! This is a popular option which is easy on the budget! Just let us know, and we can oganise your payments to reflect fortnightly participation.
Do I pay for missed lessons? Credits may be given when your child is absent for more than one week consecutively, or if there are special circumstances only. Please contact us for consideration on an individual basis. Classes missed because of public holidays, or instructor illness will be made up by delivering 45 minute classes over the following two weeks.
My child is very shy, can he/she still be involved? Yes! You do not have to pay until they are actively participating!
My child has special needs, is your program suitable? Yes! Physi kids is for all children! Allow us to work with you!
Direct Debit payments don’t suit us, can we pay differently? Yes! Just contact your Instructor or head office at and we can send you a link to pay via credit card – for the term or semester.
How do we cancel our enrolment?Just call or email our office, or your instructor, with two weeks notice please.
What clothing should my child wear to his/her lesson? Shorts, T-shirt & sand shoes are best. Please no dresses or skirts.
How will I know what my child has done in class each week? Visit our Facebook page and you will be updated every Monday regarding our program, as well as heaps of other useful information.
You will also receive end of term reports and end of year certificates.
How do I enrol my child?  Click here. Otherwise you can email your details to or call 0414 559 997 today.IMG_3772-400Sports and fitness