Make Your Kid's Next Birthday Party a Gymnastics Party.

You choose the location across Greater Brisbane – at home, the park or childcare centre - and we'll bring the excitement, expertise and all the sports equipment to entertain a birthday guest list of any size.

Physi kids have been running children’s parties across Brisbane since 1999.

Fun Gymnastics Birthday Party

Let us make your child's birthday extra special with a fun Gymnastics themed party to celebrate!

Choose the location – at home, the park or childcare centre, and we'll entertain a party guest list of any size.

Gymnastics Theme Games

Forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels. Yoga poses, pyramid & buddy balance formations. Limbo, musical hoops, skipping ropes, balance beam tricks.

Kid-Friendly Party Games

All of the games at our kids parties are general, so that everyone can join in. We play games that are learnt on the day with the equipment we bring.

All Across Greater Brisbane

Physi kids have been running children’s parties across Greater Brisbane since 1999. Choose the location – at home, the park or childcare centre, and we'll entertain a party guest list of any size.


Transparent Upfront Pricing for Your Next Party


up to 10 children

one hour of party fun

and a gift for the birthday child


between 11-15 children

one hour of party fun

and a gift for the birthday child


between 16-20 children

one hour of party fun

and a gift for the birthday child


20+  is simply $10 per extra child

one hour of party fun

and a gift for the birthday child

  • Payment can be made online via invoice or cash on the day.
  • We do not charge in the event of a cancellation. We just ask for 2 hours notice minimum.
  • No deposit required.

Frequently Asked Party Questions

What if the weather gets extremely hot?

Beat the heat of our hot Aussie Summers by adding water play to your birthday party. 

Our Party Instructors can bring the water guns and have fun spraying the children as they play.

This hot weather option is at no extra cost.

What happens if it rains on our party day?

We can help to recommend an indoor location for hire, or we can play in the rain if it is safe to do so. We can postpone, or you can choose to cancel. 

What happens if we need to cancel our party?

We ask for a minimum of 2 hours notice.

If you have already paid, you will receive a full refund.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

No. We will decide on a price the week of the party, when you have received your RSVPs.

Then we can email an invoice to you for online payment, or you can pay with cash on the day.

Can I book you for longer than 1 hour?

You sure can. We get booked for all sorts of events, and for all lengths of time.

Typically we run birthday party activities for just one hour. Yes it's true, children never run out of energy. However they do run out of focus. Children are at their best in a party environment for just one hour.

Keep in mind that a party generally goes for 2 hours total. For example, invitation asks for guests to arrive at 10am....Allow time for guests to run late.... Book Physi kids to start at 10.30am.... We finish activities at 11.30am..... Then you have time for food and cake before guests start to leave at 12pm.

Can you handle a wide range of ages at a party?

We sure can!

We are use to siblings, cousins and friends of various ages wanting to participate in the fun.

Can my child combine their party with a friend?

Of course! The more the merrier.

Can the adults join in some of the party games?

Absolutely. It's so fun when parents get involved.

Can the adults sit back, relax and leave you to it?

Definitely yes. You need some down time, so leave the fun and games to us.

Do you bring all of the game equipment?

We sure do. You only need to worry about cake, food and party bags.

Do you play games from the ‘good ole days’?

Jumping sack races, three legged races, and egg & spoon races.

All great memories from your childhood, and all fun games we can play at your Child's next birthday party. 

We have our Retro Games Birthday Party filled with these - and even more - classic party games.

How many instructors will come to run the party?

For 20 or less children, you will usually only need one instructor. However it will depend on the experience of the instructor that is available for your chosen day.

Do I need permission to use a public park?

No. You are allowed to have parties in parks without council permission. 

Can I have the party at my home?

If you are wanting a sports party for children aged 6 and over, the more space the better.

Consider the ability for the children to be able to kick a ball as hard as they possibly can.

If you are having a games party for ages 6 and under, or a gymnastics party, these require less space. At minimum 6 x 6 metres squared.

Do you allow time for breaks during your session?

We want you to get the best value by allowing us to run for one hour straight, saving the food for before and/or after our games.

We will ask the children to run and get a quick drink during our hour as needed.

To make this easier, it is a great idea to have drink bottles in a bucket near the games area, so the children don't run over to the food table and get distracted by cupcakes. 

Can my child have a dinosaur themed party?

Yes. We can adjust our parties to fit any theme.

How do we keep all kids engaged with Physi kids?

If you can remove any distractions we can ensure the children are engrossed with all of the fun Physi kids activities.

Trampolines, jumping castles and toy rooms or bedrooms, can be difficult for us to compete with.

If children have access to these during our allocated activity time, we may not be able to hold their interest.

The same goes for super awesome 'next level' playground facilities.

What if party guests can't play our chosen sport?

We keep all of the games at our sports parties general, so that everyone can join in.

For example if you are having a soccer party, we don't actually play soccer.

Instead we play games that are learnt on the day with the giant soccer ball.

However if all of the children attending are from your sports club, and know the sport well, then we can facilitate a mini game.

Can my child with special needs still participate?

Absolutely. We would love to share in making her day memorable. We want you to tell us all you know, so we can plan a special day that is inclusive and fun for everyone.

Do you have party bags for guests to take home?

We do have some fun goodies for your party guests.

For $5 each we have a Physi kids drink bottle, with a pen, sticker and lollipop inside.

Can I design my own custom party?

If you would like a mix ed up range of games and activities, we can tailor a party to suit your child or to suit your event. 

Our games are loved by children aged 3 to 12 years.

Get in touch to explore your options.


Relaxed Adults = Extra Party Fun For The Kids

Luciana and her friends had a great time on Saturday. It was wonderful seeing the parents enjoy the games as well.

Breana and Jai were excellent instructors, they managed the group very well and we could see that they had a lot of fun too.

Thanks for yours service and we will in contact whit you to arrange the 5th birthday of my son Aidan.

Amanda - Brisbane Mum

Mitchell and Jennifer were terrific!

They took our ‘boysterous’ bunch off us and had them all fully entertained for the hour. Not only did the kids love it but the parents did too!

It was so good to see the kids outdoors and enjoying good fun games! They had a ball.

Thanks for making his party so special and so easy!

Amy - Brisbane Mum

Meet The Physi Kids Birthday Party Team

Kayleen Tolley

Instructor since 1997
Owner since 2003

Teesh Topine

Instructor since 2010

Kym Brookhouse

Instructor since 2011

Breana Carey

Instructor since 2013