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Active Fun Parties! The Best in Brisbane!

Physi kids have been running children’s parties in Brisbane since 1999.
You choose the location – home, park or child care centre, and we bring the enthusiasm, expertise and all sports equipment necessary to entertain a party of any size.
We have 7 choices in party themes, so have a read here and find what you’re after. Remember we can tailor a party to your specific requirements.
(Games Party, Sports Party, Novelty Party, Gymnastics Party, Circus Party, Kindy Party, Kindy Sports Day)
Beat the heat in our Aussie Summers by adding water play to your party. Our Instructors bring the guns and spray the children as they play. This is at no extra cost.

You may also want to provide your own water balloons, which we can incorporate into our games. Please consider the environment, and how you will pick up the broken pieces of the balloon after the party. Balloon companies claim to be biodegradable, however, they take a long time to break down, and can be a threat to the wildlife in the meantime.
Any questions, call Kayleen on 0414 559 997


Great for kids aged 3 to 6 years

All the fun of a Physi kids class and more!

We bring all of our favourite games to a venue of your choice, and totally exhaust the children!

Parachute, giant ball, limbo, jumping sacks, monkey tails, musical soccer, and hula hooping.


Great for kids aged 6 to 12 years

Want a sports specific party? No problem, you can choose from soccer, afl, rugby league, hockey, cricket, basketball, tee ball, tennis, volleyball, gymnastics and athletics.

What kid, or adult doesn’t want to clock their kicking speed with our RADAR GUN?!  Games also include:

A game of tiger tag to warm up

Golden Child – this is a game with a giant ball, (ball matches the sport of your choice) and the relevant goal/post.

Rubber chicken games.

We can also have a ‘longest kick’ competition.

Jumping sack races

And if requested, we can ref a mini game of the sport of your choice. We can provide coloured bibs and split the children into two teams.


Great for all ages

Do you have wonderful childhood party memories? Would you like to see your own child having the same fun you did with some original and awesome party games from the ‘good ole days’?

Jumping sack races, three legged races, eggs & spoons, tug-o-war, red rover. You can also choose to add in Rubber Chicken games, parachute games, and giant ball games. Or you may prefer to keep it race related, and we can bring our speed gun to see how fast we run.



Great for kids aged 5 to 12 years

Do you have a budding gymnast living at your house? We have two amazing gymnastics instructors here at Physi kids.

Forward rolls, handstands, and cartwheels. Yoga poses, pyramid & partner balance formations. Limbo, Musical hoops, Free time with hoops, Skipping ropes, Balance beam tricks, Balance beam bash!



Great for kids aged 3 to 12 years.

Do you love all things circus? Like the idea of learning new skills, and putting together a performance for your family and friends?

Scarf tag, chain tiggy, hula hooping, juggling, skipping, acro balance, plate spinning, flower sticks and group pyramid.


What if you want a mixture of the games and activities mentioned above? We can tailor a party to suit your child or event. Loved by children aged 3 to 12 years.



For a games party with children aged 6 and under, we recommend a minimum space of about 6m x 6m.

For a sport specific party, the more space the better! We recommend a park, or somewhere we can really run around.


A party with 1 hour of games and a gift for the birthday child

Up to 10 children = $180
Up to 15 children = $220
Up to 20 children = $260

Inclusive of GST

If there are more than 20 children expected, then a charge of $10 per child over this number will be incurred.

Payment can be made online two working days before your party, or in cash on the day. We do not charge in the event of a cancellation up to 2 hours beforehand.

For Gold Coast parties, or parties in or near Beudesert, Ipswich, or Morayfield, please understand that we may need to ask for an extra $50 travel allowance for your instructor, and a minimum booking for 20 children – total cost = $270


No fuss affordable party option

A 30 minute Physi kids class at your child care centre, your whole class is invited!
To be held at your kindy at a time that suits the teaching staff
Up to 30 children
A gift for the birthday child
$121 (including GST)

Payment can be made via cash or cheque on the day, or internet transfer prior to the party.



We can run a fun sports carnival at your child care centre!

Jumping sack races, three legged races, egg and spoon races and games to suit.

Book us for as long as you like.

1 hour = $200 plus GST

2 hours = $300 plus GST

Party ‘bag’ option:

We offer two great alternatives to the traditional party bag and will bring these with us on the day of the party:

For $5 per child you can purchase a 35 cm hula hoop. These are great for children aged 3 to 5 years, as they are small enough for learning to spin on your wrist.

For $5 per child, we can provide a Physi kids drink bottle, which works as your packaging for a lollipop, Physi kids sticker and Physi kids pen.

You may like to read reviews from happy parents and children via our testimonial page here, or this facebook link.

Sports parties

Sports parties

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