Sports & Fitness Programs for Children across Brisbane.

Keep your early childhood kids active and moving - we'll come to your centre or school, bring the excitement, expertise and all the sports equipment needed to entertain your classes.

Physi kids have been running sports and fitness programs across Brisbane since 1997.

Fitness Fun with Physi kids

Physi kids helps children develop a positive attitude towards physical activity. Self-confidence is nurtured and motor skills are developed. Physi kids takes children’s learning from cognitive and gross motor development into a world of understanding and awareness; all through fun and interactive play.

Child Care Centre Programs

Physi kids is Brisbane’s most popular choice in children’s sports and fitness! We've been running sports programs in child care centres and schools since 1997 for children over 2.5 years.

School Sports & Fun Days

Want to keep the kids entertained at your Engagement Party or Wedding? Maybe you're holding a Community Fete or Fun Day - get the Physi kids team on board to help on the day.

Child-Friendly Events

Physi kids is Brisbane’s most popular choice in children’s sports and fitness!
We've been running sports programs in child care centres and schools since 1997 for children over 2.5 years.

Frequently Asked Child Care Program Questions

Can my child attend on a fortnightly basis?


This is a popular option which is easy on the budget! 

Just let us know, and we can organise your payments to reflect fortnightly participation.

Do I pay for missed lessons?

Credits may be given when your child is absent for more than one week consecutively, or if there are special circumstances only.

Please contact us for consideration on an individual basis. 

Classes missed because of public holidays, or instructor illness will be made up by delivering 45 minute classes over the following two weeks.

My child is very shy, can they still be involved?

Yes! And you do not have to pay until they are actively participating!

My child has special needs, is your program a fit?

Yes! Physi kids programs are for all children! Allow us to work with you!

What clothing should my child wear?

Shorts, t-shirt & sand shoes are best. Please no dresses or skirts.

Direct Debits don’t suit, can we pay differently?

Yes! Just speak with your Instructor or contact the head office admin team directly and we can send you a link to pay via credit card – for the term or semester.

How do I enrol my child in classes?

Click here to enrol in child care centre classes. Otherwise you can send your info to the team today.

How do we cancel our enrolment?

Just call or email our office, or speak with your instructor, with two weeks notice please.

What has my child done in class each week?

Visit our Facebook page here and you will be updated every Monday regarding our class program, as well as heaps of other useful information.

You will also receive end of term reports and end of year certificates for your child.

We've Got The Skills To Play

Physi kid programs are designed by our team, using their Bachelor qualifications in Physical Education, Associate Diplomas in Child Care,  Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness and their extensive range of specific sports coaching qualifications. 

We comply with the Primary PE Curriculum as well as the Early Years Learning Framework – Kindergarten Curriculum. This means we aren’t just about physical development, we also focus on each child’s self confidence and social interaction skills too. 

Most of all Physi kids classes are lot’s of FUN!!!

Sport and Fitness Programs for Primary Schools in Brisbane

We can visit during school hours to support your existing PE Curriculum.

With 15 different sports on offer, you can choose one, or introduce your students to many. We can visit on various schedules, we provide ALL equipment, and remove ALL of the organising stress.

And don’t forget, you can apply for government funding too.

Sports Programs for Brisbane After School & Vacation Care 

Choose your favourite sport, or have us rotate through our extensive range of different age appropriate sports while we get your children up and moving.. 

Book us for a single session, or we can come along for a whole term - or the whole year!

We have scheduling options that are flexible so can work with your schedule.

For Licensees and Directors

Introduce the children in your care to 15 different sports, and let us supply all of the safe and colourful sporting equipment. 

Increase your students sense of physical well-being, meet the ‘Get up and Grow Australia’ Guidelines, and the Early Years Learning Framework, easily, with our help at your child care centre.

Our programs are designed to be fun, energetic, comprehensive and age appropriate. 

Personal Development and Growth - all with lots of FUN!

Physi kids classes greatly improve participants' self confidence, teaches them the names of muscles and bones and heightens their awareness of nutrition.

Students get a positive feeling of team involvement. And our classes allow the creation of intelligent performers, while instilling an early love of physical activity.

Our programs teach turn taking and sharing, encourages self expression, develops their problem solving skills, while identifying and using safe techniques.

Develop Health and Fitness Skills with Kid Friendly Sports

We use lots of techniques during class to develop fitness skills; Calisthenics, Aerobic Exercise, Anaerobic Exercise, Isometric Contractions, Isotonic Contractions and
lots of play and Experimentation!

We can build programs using any number of these fabulous kid friendly sports and activities: Tennis, Soccer, Basketball, Netball, T-ball, AFL, Rugby League, Hockey, Cricket, Yoga, Gymnastics, Athletics, Ultimate Frisbee, Fitness Bootcamp, Volleyball and even Music & Movement

Try Some Of Our Most Popular Sports or Fitness Themes

Fun Sports Session

Tiger Tag (Catch Chasey)
Golden Child (a giant ball game)
Rubber Chicken Games
Speed Gun (how fast can you run? kick?)
Longest kick competitions
Jumping sack races

Gymnastics Session

Scarf Tag and Limbo
Musical hoops
Skipping ropes and big rope games
Forward rolls, handstands + cartwheels
Balance beam tricks and beam bash
Yoga poses, pyramid + balance games

Circus Skills Session

Scarf tag
Hula Hooping
Juggling—scarves, balls, and plates
Plate Spinning
Flower Sticks (also known as devil sticks)
Skipping ropes and big rope games
Acro Balance and a big Group Pyramid

Novelty Games Session

Egg & Spoon Races
3 Legged Races
Jumping Sack Races
Speed Gun
Giant Soccer ball game
Jumping sacks