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By Trevor 21/03/22 13:49

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and understanding in rescheduling Mason’s sports party – it was a fantastic morning.    Bryson and Jai were awesome with the kids and the kids had a great time – Mason said he wanted to do it again for his next birthday!  

By Amelia 27/11/21 19:53
Hi Kayleen,
Just letting you know Bryson and Bree were an absolute standout today. They did such a great job! Tasman said it was the best birthday ever. Thanks so much.
By Fiona 15/11/21 12:24
Henry had an amazing time yesterday! The day was perfect. 
A very big thank you to Chris and Jai for making sure everything ran smoothly and for keeping the kids engaged and entertained. The Circus activities were the best choice – the kids loved them, we had the right amount of space to do them and given the heat at that time of day, it meant they could enjoy some fun outside without too much exhaustion. Thanks Kayleen for making sure we had the right team attend the party. Everyone commented how much they enjoyed the day – both kids and parents!
One Mum (whose daughter shares the same birthday as mine) has suggested we do the same party for our girls next year. So I’ll be in touch!

By Brendan 13/11/21 11:52

The party was a lot of fun and the kids enjoyed it, Bree and Jai were great. Jai was very good noticing Finns younger brother having a little sulk when the ball didn’t go his way and went over to check on him and help him get back involved.
By Dimity 21/06/2021 21:51
Mitchell and Jennifer were terrific! They took our ‘boysterous’ bunch off us and had them all fully entertained for the hour. Not only did the kids love it but the parents did too!
Ned also made sure that all the brochures were handed out too and a few of the other parents seemed very interested.
It was so good to see the kids outdoors and enjoying good fun games! They had a ball. 
Thanks for making his party so special and so easy!
By Amy 16/06/2021 20:49
Chloe had an absolutely amazing party- she really loved it and it was exactly what she was wanting when we asked for Gymnastics.
Please pass on my huge thank you to Melinda and Breana- they were both fantastic and all the girls had the best time!
I will definitely be recommending you to all of my friends.

By Magda 01/06/2021 12:42
Luciana and her friends had a great time on Saturday. It was wonderful seeing the parents enjoy the games as well.
Breana and Jai were excellent instructors, they managed the group very well and we could see that they had a lot of fun too.
Thanks for yours service and we will in contact whit you to arrange the 5th birthday of my son Aidan.

By Amanda 11/05/21 15:53

Mitchell was wonderful. He was so engaging and friendly with the kids and all the games were super fun! The parents were all impressed how entertained Mitchell kept the kids. My eldest had a blast, moon boot and all! 

By Tracy 20/10/20 16:16

Thank you for everything you and your team have given to Liam and his friends at Avenues McDowall. Your classes on a Monday have often been the only reason I have gotten him into daycare and every Monday you guys were there he couldn’t wait to tell the whole family about what you did that day! He really loved it and has gotten so much more confident with sport and exercise thanks to your encouragement and support. Thank you again for all you do to instil a love of movement and sport in our kids and know that Liam is going to miss you all very much.

By Sarah 15/10/20 19:15

I can see that you really take the time to get to know each child. I love your focus on learning and giving things a go, and that you are working hard with Evie to help her learn that she doesn’t have to be “perfect” with everything – this will be an important life lesson for Evie and I’m glad she gets this chance to learn it in a fun setting. Most of all, I’m just really happy to hear she’s trying things out, even if she is still very tentative. I’m certain she would be even MORE tentative if she hadn’t had the last (almost) 2 years trying different sports with you. She always tells us all about the fun and different sports and activities you do each week – there’s great variety! Thank you again for the personalised feedback and all your hard work. Evie gets so much out of participating in physi kids! 

By Anne 13/10/19 20:49

Thank you Kayleen for a super party!! Christine was brilliant and the boys had a great time. They were kept busy and enjoyed the variety of activities on offer. Samson would like to thank you too and also for the book which was a lovely surprise.Really fabulous, thank you. 

By Hayley 09/09/19
We had my daughter’s 6th birthday party and it was hands-down the best kids party I’ve been to (all bias aside). Melinda and Jayde both came along to throw a gymnastics party for Indi (two Physi kids instructors for the price of one!). They had 13 girls eating out the palm of their hands for over an hour of non-stop giggling. As the mother of the birthday child, it was so lovely to stand back and actually enjoy the party rather than feeling I needed to be forever looking after people. The other parents also commented on how great it was to sit back and watch all of our little ladies prove to themselves just how strong and capable girls are. I will be singing the praises of Physi kids gymnastics parties for a long time! Thank you Kayleen, Melinda and Jayde.
By Uzma and Andrew on 15/07/19 20:46
Hi Kayleen. My husband and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, Megan and Harrison. Ayla and her friends had a great time.  She says it was her best party to date!  I’ve also passed on your details to some of the other parents who enquired.
By Vish on 27/05/19 12:03
We had a fabulous time. The weather turned out to be brilliant, setting the stage for a fun filled morning. Christine was great, the kids had heaps of fun. They were quite well behaved too, surprising for a sugar-high bunch. Shriya had a blast! The parents enjoyed it too and asked a lot about Physi kids. We are more than happy to share our experience and recommend you guys. Much appreciate your team.
By Michelle on 02/04/19 23:23
Regarding regular session for Homeschooled children:
Kym has been amazing and taught the kids so many things. She has always been gentle and kind, encouraging and fun. I’ve watched quiet shy kids come out of their shells under her coaching. She’s always been willing to come down to their level, and yet not patronize them in the process. They’ve learned the basics of many sports, but more importantly she’s taught them to be good sports, to share and care about each other.
By Laurent on 01/04/19 14:21
Megan was absolutely great! She managed to entertain a group of 8 furious 7 years old boys in our garage despite the rain. All the kids had a fantastic afternoon. Thank you so much to you and your team. I look forward to working with Physi kids again next year!
By Kellie on 02/03/19 16:09
I just wanted you to know that Phoebe and her classmates had a WONDERFUL time at her birthday party with Melinda and Jayde last weekend. All of the parents and kids commented on how great the party was and Phoebe had a blast. Thank-you so much. I will be sure to recommend.
By Anita on 25/01/19 09:26
Hi Kayleen.  Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for all your help with Isabella’s party.  Bella had an amazing day and Kym was so fantastic with the kids.  She was so engaging and fun – all the kids had a ball!  We really couldn’t have been happier.

By Simone on 24/01/19 19:09
Hi Kayleen. Thank you so much for today. Charlie and her friends had a wonderful time with Melinda, Jade and Jacob….they had a ball.  I cannot thank you enough for your wonderful service, understanding and attention to detail. You communication is fabulous and very prompt. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.

By Ingrid on  20/01/19 23:29
Meg was wonderful this morning! Very patient with the little ones and the kids really had fun. She was fantastic. I felt a little bad for her because their attention spans were pretty small but she did brilliantly.  Thank you so much, I will highly recommend your business to my friends.

By Vicki on 29/08/18 12:42
The boys and all their guests had a great time with Megan. I’m really happy that we chose to have a Physi kids party, from start to finish everything has been so easy, thank you.  It was great on the day knowing that all the kids were having fun and being active, balancing the sugar intake that inevitably comes with party food, lol!  I will be sure to mention Physi kids to other parents I know.

By Juanita on 13/08/18 14:58
Hi Kayleen,
Amy and Amie were fantastic and all the kids had an awesome time. I am very happy with the service provided and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending you to other parents. I did have a couple of people take some flyers too so hopefully some follow on business. Thank you so much for sending the girls to Lachie and Harry’s party.

By Robyn on 23/07/18 21:43
Hi Kayleen,
Have been meaning to send you a quick email to say thanks so much to Physi kids and Melinda for helping to make Elise’s 6th birthday party so special.  The kids had a great time and we were really impressed with the professionalism and energy that Melinda showed our party guests.  Thanks so much for bringing big smiles to our little faces.

By Lauren on 17/07/18 21:23
Thank you Kayleen, the Physi kids activity at the party was a hit, the kids had an absolute ball!! They all loved Chris, kids and parents alike!

By Anne on 16/07/18 18:06
Hi Kayleen, Thank you and Megan ever so much for the amazing, amazing birthday party entertainment you delivered for Alexa. Megan was so kind and was able to engage every kid. She was patient and thanks to her and the child appropriate games she did, the adults could catch up and the kids just loooooooved it.  And the parents loved the non sugar Hula Hoops as gifts. What a great concept your service is. Thank you both so much and see you in July 2019.

By Kate on 21/05/18 20:36
Hi Kayleen
Just wanted to say how pleased we were with Kym’s efforts at our party yesterday morning. She did such a wonderful job!! The kids were all involved and having a wonderful time for the full hour that she was with us.
We would absolutely recommend Kym and Physikids to any of our friends for future parties!

By Renata on 26/3/18 11:31
Thank you so much!! Definitely we will be in touch again….my daughter already requested you guys for next year !!!
It was awesome!! I massive tks to Meg!!
I really don’t know how she could do all the boys listen to her and playing all together…..before she arrived (and after she left)  my backyard look like a battle camp!!
All the mums (and even my father-in-law) loved Physikids!!! They told me it was the best idea ever and of course the birthday boy said it was the best party ever!!!
I don’t use much Facebook but of course I will help you with recommendations (even for my friends that wasn’t here).
Most of the mums that was here yesterday took the flyer and said definitively it’s a perfect party!.
I wouldn’t change anything….. for their age it was perfect!!
Thank you so much again and we keep in touch!!

By Kate on 27/10/17 16:54
Thank you, Artie and his friends had a really good time at his birthday party – the games were fun and changed often enough to keep the kids engaged. The instructors were clear and fun! Other parents spoke highly of it.  Awesome!! Thank you! And thank you for the gift bag also!!

By Marisha on 24/10/17 9:44
I was very happy to see the sun shining on Sunday morning and I have been told by a number of children there that it was the best party ever!   Even the parents couldn’t believe how attentive all of the children were and how much fun they were having.  It was so nice to see many sweaty heads and rosy cheeks at the end of it all. Hayden particularly liked Liam and thought he was the best instructor ever. All in all it was an amazing party and I received many comments from parents about how great it was that the children were entertained and safe which meant that the parents could relax and chat as well.  The children were all still talking about it yesterday morning at school drop off!!! Thank you again for making Hayden’s party so wonderful and memorable.

By Karen on 22/10/17 22:37
Kids had the best time with Liam on such a beautiful day. Such a relief. A couple of parents commented that their approaching birthday party requests have been changed as the kids had such a good time and want a Physi kids party instead. Thanks so much. It was great to watch the kids having fun and be able to speak to everyone there.

By Roslyn on 22/10/17 16:06
Thank you so much . We had an absolute ball , all the parents commented on ‘how great is that , the kids are having so much fun’. Even when everyone started being attacked by pluvars, Kym kept the kids engaged and moved them safely and quickly away. We cannot have wished for a more organised service with straight forward communication from the very beginning.

By Rebecca on 8/10/17
Just wanted to say thank you for Christine yesterday, she was great with the kids and even kept the attention of the younger ones for most of the time. All the kids had a great time and my daughter enjoyed her party a lot.

By Leah on 7/10/17 14:53
Alex had a great time at his party, Amy did a wonderful job. We know that working with 5 year old’s can be like herding cats, she was fantastic. Thanks for Alex’s gift as well !!!

By Alex on 7/10/17 19:53
Kym B was fantastic. A+++

By Grace at Major League Corporate Marketing on 3/10/17 12:22
Christine was an absolute pleasure to work with for the festival. We had a few moments were we thought kids wouldn’t show up, even though we had people signed up online. She was great with all the children and was great at thinking on the spot when it came down to only a handful of kids and for kids that saw what was going on and wanted to join in. There was no negative comments from kids and their parents and you guys do a great job. From our side of things you made the process very easy and smooth to book and cater to the event.

By Rachael at Team Holiday – Vacation Care Booking on 27/9/17
Our Physi Kids incursion that was run by Christine was absolutely fantastic!!!! The kids were all involved throughout the hour.  They had a blast (the activities were interactive and so much fun). The games were age appropriate (we have children aged 5 – 12 years). Chris was involved in each activity  with the children, plus they raved about it after. I would highly recommend using them again.

By Missy on 10/9/17 08:43

Thank you guys so much, the kids had a fantastic time and it was nice for the parents to be able to chat while the children were being entertained!

By Sue on 10/9/17 15:26

I was wanting to let you know how impressed we (and the other parents) were with Liam and Mitchell’s ability to keep the kids having fun at Griffin’s 8th Birthday today. The guys were great with the kids and I truly believe all of them enjoyed themselves immensely. Looking forward to booking another party in the future. Thank you for all your help also

By Michelle on 28/08/17 11:35

Nothing is a problem for Kym. She has time for questions and doesn’t just fob the kids off, and in doing so makes them feel valued. She’s not scared of looking silly and gets down to their level and is one of them, leading, not just telling what to do. She engages them, tells jokes and makes it fun. She doesn’t tell ‘naughty’ kids off to pull them in line, rather calls them by name, jokes with them and guides then back. She doesn’t push anyone into anything, but makes it look so fun that even shy nervous kids find they want to be a part of it in a non threatening environment.

By Maria on 30/07/17 16:12
Hi Kayleen and Reece,

I wanted to email you to say thank you for such a BRILLIANT party for Henry! I said to anyone who’d listen that it was the first party I’ve ever had for the kids where I could actually relax! You guys took care of the boys so well, and kept them entertained and busy for the whole time. I will definitely shout it from the rooftops on your fb page, and I’ll do a shout-out on the school fb pages for both my kids year levels. You are honestly so good at what you do! Thank you! Maria & Henry!!

By Nicole on 24/07/17 13:06

A HUGE thank you to you and your team for entertaining 80 children at our ‘Commonwealth Games’ kindy event. They were AMAZING. Punctual, friendly, organised, flexible and wonderful with the children. The activities were great. The kids seemed to enjoy every aspect. My son’s favourite was the egg and spoon races. There was nothing we could fault at all – rave reviews here. We will be encouraging next year’s social committee to run with this event with you guys again next year.  I suspect you’ll have a few birthday party requests too as parents were so impressed with your staff and I know a few were asking.

By Hannah on 24/01/17 10:46
Christine did an amazing job given the kids were really young. She improvised and all of the adults mentioned how fantastic she was.  Towards the end of the hour some of the adults were even starting to play with the hula-hoops and footballs, and really just getting involved! Thank you again and I will be recommending your service to friends, family and clients.

By Stephanie on 23/07/17 20:19
Today’s party was awesome! Liam and Braiden were great. Adrian says it was the best day of his life. Thanks!

By Simone on 17/07/17 15:29
Thank you very much, the kids had a fantastic time on the weekend with Amy and Reece, it really took the pressure of us. The parents were all very happy that the kids were worn out running around in the lovely weather while we got to sit back and relax.  I know some of the parents were thinking of using Physi kids for their parties and/or for the Prep catch up later in the term. Thanks again.

By Louise on 16/07/17 16:52
The party was huge success for Matteo.  Amy and Reece were great and the kids had the best time. Thankyou. Will definately be recommending you.

By Rebecca on 15/07/17 18:46
We can not thank you enough for such an amazing party today Kayleen! Harriet had an absolute blast and has not stopped talking about how much fun she and her friends had! We will definitely be recommending you! 10/10!

By Sarah on 03/07/17 13:43
We were extremely happy with how our party went yesterday and the instructors, Christine and Sarah, were both great. The kids had so much fun. I think a couple of the parents are already thinking of booking Physi kids for their children’s parties later in the year

By Amy on 26/06/17 14:34
Thank you & Christine for helping to make Lucas’s 5th Birthday party so much fun and easy!! The kids had a ball and the parents were all very impressed with how Chris played and entertained the boys.  We will no doubt be in contact for the next party!

By Lisa on 18/06/17 18:26
A big thank you to Shaun & Physikids for Mason’s birthday party today!
Shaun coming to his party is all Mason has been talking about this week!
It was magic to all of us parents to see the kids sit quietly for Shaun at the start!  They all had a wonderful time playing party games!! Shaun was lovely and fantastic with the kids.
Ps Mason declared he is changing his name when he’s older to… Physikids Man!

Thanks again! Lisa

By Melissa on 04/06/17 21:12

I just wanted to pass on a big thank you to your company. Amy did a wonderful job entertaining a bunch of 3 years olds at Will’s party on Saturday. She was very warm and professional and Will loved all of the games. The photos show it all…kids had a ball!

By Julia on 29/05/17 10:25

Lillani & her friends had a terrific time yesterday at her party. Amie was wonderful with the children, she was very encouraging & was able to cater for the varying ages & abilities so all children had a lot of fun.

By Shan on 28/05/17 20:07
Aimie was great!  All the parents were very happy with all the games.  Aime handled all the kids brilliantly from small to large.  Very happy!!  Thank you so much for everything!

By Renae on 22/05/2017
The party was BRILLIANT and Amie was FANTASTIC! The kids had a ball, they were engaged the whole time and absolutely loved every activity and Liam was so happy that his egg and spoon race idea was able to be done! The parents loved it too, there was lots of laughter watching our little 5/6 yr olds tackle the various challenges with gusto and typical child humour. The games had them working together and having so much fun. The equipment was all in good condition and Amie’s ability to have the kids engaged and laughing was great. Her energy level was brilliant she is obviously very passionate about what she does and thoroughly enjoys it. ALL the parents said how great the party was, multiple times throughout the afternoon and were more than happy to have your contact information, saying how impressed they were and what a great idea. I hope you get some bookings. Kayleen, you’ve been so easy and helpful to deal with. Thank you so much, we will definitely be booking again! Thanks for making Liam’s birthday so special.

By Linda on 04/03/2017 18:44:07
Sending a big ‘Thanks’ to Shaun and Amy. All the kids had so much fun. The games were great for the age group. I even got to relax a little bit and watch some of the craziness. I know there was a lot of screaming and giggling happening.

By Elizabeth on 03/27/2017 07:28:38
Sam and Shaun did a great job this morning. The kids had heaps of fun – tired them all out. Thanks again.

By Sally on 03/27/2017 07:27:41
Our cricket party was fantastic! Amie and Tristan were wonderful at entertaining 24 six year old’s. The David Warner book was a hit, but the best surprise of the day, was Tristan giving Henry one of his old cricket bats, signed. Henry loves it. Thanks again for making it such a fun party.

By Nicole on 03/15/2017 08:17:35
We had Physi Kids come to my daughters 5th birthday on the weekend. They were amazing! The kids had the best time. Everyone was included, little ones, the 5 year old’s and the older ones. I got to take photos, participate if i wanted and had time to talk to the other parents. Amie was amazing with the kids, very encouraging and caring.

By Kelly Eskandari on 03/09/2017 09:33:37
We had Melinda come to our sons 4th birthday, she was magnificent to say the least. So much energy, but more care, encouragement and patience for the kids she knew from our kindy and a few outsiders. She kept them engaged and certainly entertained the adults watching them. Our son loved that Miss Physi came to his party and he was able to do heaps of play with his friends. Would definitely recommend.

By Catherine on 02/28/2017 09:41:35
We used ‘Physikids’ for my son’s 6th birthday party in the park. It allowed the kids to have fun and the parents to relax and enjoy themselves too. From first point of contact, the people were professional yet friendly. They offered great advice and were flexible with our needs. On the day they arrived early and set up, were very friendly and reassuring with all the kids (which reassured the parents) and the kids had an amazing time playing all the games – everyone is still talking about it!  I would highly recommend them.

By Lauren reviewing a kindy party on 01/24/2017 15:22:35
Hi Kayleen, Just came from Layla’s birthday party! Miss Teesh and Shaun were amazing, I can’t compliment them enough. They were professional, fun and the kids really loved it! I will be looking into booking Layla into weekly classes Layla had an awesome time! Thank you Physikids!

By Kathryn on 01/23/2017 13:51:39
We had Sam run my 8 year old boys birthday party on the weekend and I can’t praise him and Physi Kids enough! He was absolutely fantastic with the kids, had awesome age appropriate games for 13 kids from 4-10 years. Sam had them all fully engaged and entertained for the full hour! Kayleen has been so professional to deal with since the first time I enquired about a Physi Kids party as well! I would highly recommended Physi Kids to absolutely anyone – I can’t thank them enough! My son is still talking about his awesome party! Thankyou!

By Julie on 01/21/2017 15:38:54
I booked Physi Kids for my sons 7th birthday party. From the moment I spoke to Kayleen to the day of the party, everything has been so well organized and very easy. We had our party today, both Sam and Megan were excellent at keeping 21 5-9 year old boys and girls involved. My son had a great party and will remember having his soccer kick speed measured for a while to come. I would recommend Physi Kids to anyone. Thanks

By Laura Dig Fish on 01/03/2017 09:35:16
The Coles Helping Hands program reached out to Physi Kids to help assist them in an afternoon full of activities for the Runaway Bay Youth Centre. We had Liam come out to help run some games and sports with the kids who dropped into the centre. Liam was absolutely fantastic and got everyone off their feet and involved. We will definitely use Physi Kids again, absolutely loved working with them!

By Hannah on 12/23/2016 19:42:30
I just wanted to give you some feedback after my daughter’s birthday party on Sunday, 4 December 2016. Liam was our instructor and he arrived on time, with all the gear he needed and he was absolutely fantastic with the kids. The other parents were equally as impressed as we were and I have referred your organisation to a number of people. Thank you for being so easy to deal with, for providing me with all the information I required and for providing such amazing and professional instructors. I highly recommend your service and will not hesitate to use you again in the future. Thank you again.

By Tabatha on 12/03/2016 18:43:38
Thank you for Brandon and Zander’s party! The boys and all of their guests had a an awesome time and it was great to be able to sit back and relax for the hour while the kids were thoroughly entertained. Thank you for being so accommodating with my boys to ensure their day was perfect.

By Megan on 11/07/2016 11:29:07
Thanks so much for Ethan’s party. All the kids had a great time and Taylor was lovely with them, quickly remembering all their names.

By Tamika on 11/01/2016 18:06:58
I would just like to let you know that Taylor did an amazing job with the kids on Saturday at archers party. She was just wonderful and the kids loved her. She is a credit to your business. Also, again I would like to thank you for your time and effort in accommodating us had it rained. From a parent point, having an upset child not being able to have his party because of the rain is just heart breaking, but you were more than happy to help find someone else. Thankyou so much. We really appreciate all of your efforts.

By Kylie Ward on 10/23/2016 19:24:19
Thank you so much for today’s party. Taylor was just so amazing with the children and they all had an absolute blast. Truth be told so did the parents- It was great to see the parents actually engage and have fun with the activities as well. Every photo captured kids with the biggest smiles on their faces. We’re all off for a big afternoon nap now. Thanks again. We will be thoroughly recommending to other families this party service.

By FinnRowan Findlay on 10/17/2016 10:20:04
We booked Physi kids for our party on Sunday and it was absolutely brilliant. The coaches were awesome with the kids and the kids had a ball. We will definitely be booking Physi Kids for other parties in the future. Thanks again!

By Kath Duell on 10/17/2016 10:19:12
EVERY parent said it was the best party they have been to – SUCH a good idea. I am going to be on to you guys just for when we have bbq’s at home!!! Just – seriously the best – please tell Meg she is just AWESOME! Thanks SO SO SO MUCH.

By Boy’s th Union and Soccer Party on 09/26/2016 16:59:44
Thank you so much the party was just amazing! Liam was amazing arrived well before the start. He had everyone well organised and Tomas and his friends just loved it!

By My sons rd birthday party on 09/26/2016 09:21:55
Hi Kayleen, Thank you so much for Sunday! Taylor was amazing! All the kids had a ball and all of us parents loved it. Thank you so much!!! Joce xo

By Wendy and Gerald on 09/19/2016 12:42:25
We would like to thank Kayleen and Matt (our instructor) for making our 10 year old boy’s party fantastic fun! The whole process was so easy and flexible…so much so that we had to change locations 2 hours before the party was scheduled due to rain without any issue at all! We had 15 mixed boys and girls of various ages at the party and every single one left with a big smile on their (red from running around so much!) face with loads of “awesome party” and “A+” comments to go with it. Matt kept all the kids focused and altered the intensity according to child’s ability and age which made them all feel like winners. He even remembered all their names which made them feel special and a part of the group. Thank you again for all your efforts and we will recommend you highly to friends!

By Belinda Mather on behalf of Ashgro on 08/22/2016 08:03:30
60 children aged 3 to 5 years had a great time at our Mini Olympics Event. Liam, Taylor and Megan were fantastic with the kids. The activities provided for the children were great, suited the theme and were easy for everyone to participate in. The instructors were encouraging to everyone and handled the large numbers of children amazingly.

By Julie Marriott on 08/17/2016 16:12:01
Miss Sarah runs the Physikids class at Flynn’s daycare so when I asked who/what he would like for his 5th birthday party, there was no question – it was Miss Sarah from Physikids! Everyone had a great time and Flynn absolutely LOVES his Physikids sessions every week! A wonderful service, thank you!

By Huma Kanwal on 08/16/2016 11:02:21
We recently had Physi kids on our daughter’s 6th Birthday party and I must say it was a great decision that we made. Meg was great with kids and she engaged kids with different sports activities that they simply loved. We highly recommend Physi Kids service to other parents who want to give memorable time to their kids. Great communication by Kayleen. Thanks Kayleen for organizing this fun activity for birthday girl. Fantastic!

By Carrissa Ahern on 08/08/2016 17:08:12
Such an awesome program! We hired PhysiKids for my son’s 6th birthday and the kids loved it, the big kids too. Everyone raved about it! Thank you Meg and PhysiKids for making my son’s birthday extra special!
Excellent exercise for the kids

By Lameese Abrahams on 08/03/2016 23:08:16
My son just loves physi kids at his daycare. Each day he attends it he comes home and cannot stop talking about physikids. Would recommend for any child to take part. Excellent for their development and social skills.
Shared 4th birthday for two little girls

By Robyn on 07/30/2016 02:07:19
Melinda was very punctual and professional – and also very flexible in her approach which the children really enjoyed. They had a great time and it was lovely (as a parent) to be able to stand back and watch the smiles on the little faces. The hula hoops especially were a big hit! I was really impressed by the games, and what Physi Kids offered and would not hesitate to recommend Melinda and your company. Thanks too for the lovely take home gifts. Adele and Elise have been enjoying their hula hoops – and our thanks also for the future loyalty discount. I’m already thinking that we may hold a physi kids party at kindy to celebrate Elises 5th birthday (which i am sure will be here before we know it!). Anyhow, our thanks again to yourself and Melinda for helping to celebrate Elise and Adele’s birthday. with kind regards Robyn (4th Birthday Party)

By Lauren on 07/29/2016 20:07:05
I am so thrilled that we were able to discover Physikids thanks to a Kidspot review! My daughter and her friends had an absolute ball with Miss Taylor ( who has the patience of a saint!!) Will definitely be recommending Physikids to all our friends! Thank you again for making the party so much fun for my little miss and fuss free for me!
Thanks Mr Matt!

By Jo McMaster on 07/26/2016 23:07:23
My Daughter attends Physikids at her kindy and LOVES it. We had Mr Matt come to our home and do a 4th birthday party for 10kids aged 2 to 6yrs. Everyone had a blast. Initially the idea was for the parents to relax for an hour while the kids were entertained however watching the delight of the children held more appeal! Even with drizzling rain Mr Matt held the kids attention and made the party so much fun. Thank-you Physi-Kids!
I highly recommend Physi Kids

By Charity Garzon on 07/26/2016 06:07:38
Liam arrived in the party on time, very friendly and had a big smile on his face. All the kids in the party had the best time. My son and my daughter birthday party was a success, thanks to physi kids. (Repeat Partier)

By Laurie on 07/25/2016 20:07:38
We have now had Physi Kids come to both my 6yo son’s & my 9yo daughters birthday parties. We had Liam for my son’s NRL party & Meg for my daughters boxing party! The NRL party was absolutely amazing Liam kept all the kids amused for the hour with age appropriate games & activities, they had an absolute ball. As for my daughters party, I wasn’t even sure that a boxing party would be possible but to my surprise what I thought would be an oddball for Kayleen & the Physi Kids team was not a problem in the slightest. Meg arrived on the day and was incredible! She had come up with a range of boxing inspired games & activities that the kids LOVED!! They had so much fun & I don’t even feel bad for sending the kids home with lolly bags full of sugar! I cannot fault Kayleen or the team – they are always pleasant & a pleasure to party with!!
An excellent day was had by all!

By Tom McCormick on 07/25/2016 17:07:31
A fantastic party, professionally organised from start to finish. The communication, from booking the party to the actual event was superb. Megan Bull who was Miss Physi on the day was outstanding, the children thought she was brilliant. Overall an excellent day. Would highly recommend Physi kids for a fun, no hassle for parent party.
Great job on a fun birthday party

By Vanya on 07/19/2016 22:07:52
I have nothing but good things to say about Physikids. Kayleen was a pleasure to deal with. We had Amie as our instructor for my daughter’s 5th birthday party. She arrived promptly and the kids absolutely loved her and had the best time playing. Every time I went past the area where the activities were, there was laughter and the kids had big smiles on their faces. I would definitely recommend Physikids and would hire them again in the future. Thank you for a great party!
Great job on a fun birthday party

By Glen Stamper on 07/18/2016 02:07:59
Having meet the guys as they were unpacking the balls and other gear, I had to head to the shops for a few things we missed for the party. On return I walked in to screams of laughter and enjoyment. Need I say more what can I say worth every penny. Kids didn’t even notice the hour go by. Well done guys

By Julie on 07/08/2016 23:07:18
I just wanted to say that we are very excited to have Miss Steph back at our service. We have always had great instructors with Physi Kids but Steph just brings in a very energetic manner which the children and educators just love. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge the great work that others do. So i wanted to say thank you.

By Park Ridge Childcare and Preschool on 07/07/2016 22:07:23
We joined up with another centre to have a vacation care program with Physi Kids. They were fantastic for communication, especially when we might have had to cancel due to rain. Thankfully we didn’t though and the children had a brilliant time and raved about how great Liam was. Thank you once again Kayleen and all the instructors!!!

By Sushma on 07/04/2016 19:07:22
Abhay and other kids had a awesome time. Taylor was awesome, she did a great job with kids.

By ctaylor on 06/29/2016 17:06:04
Find it daunting planning a five year old party? Are you breaking out into a cold sweat wondering if they’ll have fun, or be sedentary and disengaged? Well look no further than Physikids! Taylor & Megan from Physikids arrived full of enthusiasm and games to entertain 30 prep age children. And while the kids were active and enjoying themselves, the parents could have a much needed break and relax! Thank you to Taylor and Megan from Physikids for allowing our kids to revisit the fun of outdoor activities!
Highly Recommend Physikids

By Nerina McDonald on 06/06/2016 20:06:46
Wow are the only words I have. Kayleen was both professional and great to deal with. She was in constant communication with me. I love that if there are unforseen circumstances I was not going to lose any money because of their cancellation policy. Matt was an amazing instructor. My son and his friends had the best day playing games and Matt managed to control 15 rowdy boys and keep them entertained for a entire hour! There were many impressed parents. I definitely recommend Physikids for any parent wanting an easy stress free party. Price was also great and very competitive.
Great party

By Summer on 05/31/2016 23:05:37
My daughter had a great party for her 5th birthday. Thanks for Physi Kids. Steph and Mags were very nice and patient and full of energy. We had 25 kids for the party and they all had lots of fun.
Corporate Event – Highly Recommend

By Rachael on 05/30/2016 19:05:00
Matt was awesome yesterday at our company picnic in the park. We were very impressed with his communication and engagement with the children and what a great variety of games! We will definitely use Physi Kids again for future events.
My son’s 4th Birthday party

By Josephine on 05/21/2016 02:05:01
Best decision I made for my son’s bday party. I don’t know Physi-kids but since they are doing trial classes on my son’s childcare, my son doesn’t stop talking about how Physi-kids thought him how to catch the ball and do other sports. He was so impressed so I thought I will give it a try on his bday party. I’ve sent my inquiry and Kayleen respond promptly. She even granted my request to have a team game for parents and kids. During the party, Taylor arrived on time. She gave Physi-kids’ gift to my son and he was so happy with it. The game started and all the kids are very excited. They all participated and Taylor was superb by keeping them entertained for an hour. All my son’s guests can’t stop talking about his party because of how Physi-kids host the party. I am so happy and I would recommend getting them to any birthday party. Surely, even without the lifetime 10% discount, I will go back and hire them. Superb job Physi-Kids! Keep it up!
Riley’s 7th birthday on sunday 15th may 2016

By jennifer rowe on 05/20/2016 01:05:42
Physi kids is a fantastic idea for any kids birthday party, my son Riley’s 7th birthday party on the weekend was so much fun, all the kids had a really great time running around, playing all the games, I would definitely recommend physi kids to friends and family.
Birthday party

By Bailey on 05/15/2016 00:05:11
Great party that kept the kids active. Taylor was awesome and very interactive with the kiddies. The kids were entertained the full hour. I would recommend to anybody throwing a kids party. Mine was a mixed age group from 4-7 and it worked well. Also thanks for the birthday gift!!!
Girl’s 8th birthday party!

By Jacqueline Rippstein on 05/05/2016 21:05:38
Thanks so much for a great birthday party! Cécile and her invitees just loved Taylor and thought she was very cute. Awesome job Taylor, they were very happy and tired in the end! Thanks also for the nice present (what a great idea) and we will definitely see Physikids again for our kid’s birthdays!
Another successful Physi Kids party – highly recommend

By Berneen on 04/29/2016 19:04:59
This is our second year in a row having Physi Kids celebrate our daughter’s birthday party with her whole class at Kindergarten. Kayleen was full of energy and the children laughed and had fun with every activity. She made the birthday girl feel very special! Thank you Kayleen for making Tayla’s 4th birthday so memorable!
Boy’s 4th birthday party with 20 children

By Sabrina on 04/28/2016 03:04:07
We had a wonderful time yesterday with Taylor, she is a lovely young lady. The kids loved her and all the parents were very pleased with how well she looked after the kids. A lot of parents took the flyers she left as well. I couldn’t have have asked for anything more, she just did everything!
Boy’s 4th birthday party with 20 children

By Sabrina on 04/28/2016 03:04:07
We had a wonderful time yesterday with Taylor, she is a lovely young lady. The kids loved her and all the parents were very pleased with how well she looked after the kids. A lot of parents took the flyers she left as well. I couldn’t have have asked for anything more, she just did everything!
Kindy Family Fun Day Raffle Fundraiser

By Andrea Brookfield on 04/19/2016 23:04:30
We had Physi kids for an hour to entertain the children expecting up to 40. We chose a field next to a really good park and thought the children would go between the activities and the park and wanted informal flexible activities. On the day numbers exceeded expectation with over 60 children including our kindy children and their siblings and they all wanted to be with physi kids! The Facilitators took it all in their stride and had all the children listening to their every word and they had a great time with fun, exciting, healthy and beneficial activity. I would unreservedly recommend Physi kids.
Professional and FUN!

By Emma on 04/19/2016 01:04:33
Sarah was fantastic today. Punctual, professional and fun! Thanks heaps. We will be using Physi kids again.
Great communication and advice!

By Amanda on 04/10/2016 21:04:55
Just wanted to post a big thank you to Matt for coming to our place and entertaining 17 children for a birthday party. The kids had such a fun time and Matt was brilliant and engaging. I would highly recommend Physi Kids for kids parties. A big thank you to Kayleen for the advice and help in organising.
Great communication and advice!
Brilliant 6 year old party in the park!

By Kristine on 03/17/2016 01:03:49
Liam is awesome! He masterfully engaged around 15 kids, ranging in age from 3 to 6, at my son’s 6th birthday party in the park. For the second year running, Liam provided high-energy party games that all the children, both boys and girls, enjoyed. The games focus on having fun over winning and encourage each child to be active with water breaks tossed in between. Thank you, Liam, for giving my son a fun-filled birthday with his friends, and thanks again Physikids! Highly recommend!
Brilliant 5th birthday party!

By Tammy on 03/14/2016 06:03:13
Oh my goodness, I cannot thank Liam and Jai enough for today. The kids and parents were just amazed at how brilliant they were. Thank you for making Max’s 5th birthday with his friends super special. Liam and Jai, you’re an amazing team. Thanks Physi kids.
Brilliant 5th birthday party!

By Tammy on 03/14/2016 06:03:13
Oh my goodness, I cannot thank Liam and Jai enough for today. The kids and parents were just amazed at how brilliant they were. Thank you for making Max’s 5th birthday with his friends super special. Liam and Jai, you’re an amazing team. Thanks Physi kids.
Brilliant 5th birthday party!

By Andrea on 03/14/2016 05:03:09
So friendly really great with kids took the time to connect with the birthday girl n boy which was lovely I was so happy with this service and would highly recommend this company to all my friends and family Thanks Team ? You do fantastic job you should be proud
Twins 3rd birthday

By Cass Murray on 03/14/2016 04:03:45
We had Matt hold our sports party today at Lawnton. The kids had a FANTASTIC time and he managed to keep them all engaged – impressive considering they were all littlies at a huge park. Well done guys- it was an awesome party.
Amazing birthday parties!

By Fabienne Sendall on 02/29/2016 10:02:54
In the last two weeks, we had a 6 year old girl birthday party and a 8 years old boy birthday party. Both took place at a park and were run by a great enthusiastic Physi Kids instructor. At each parties, all the kids had a ball and the parents too. Lots of action and laughter! It was easy and great fun. We highly recommend the Physi Kids parties.
Awesome party hostess

By Eliz on 02/22/2016 07:02:45
We had physi kids come and do my daughters 6th birthday party. The hostess Sarah was awesome, she kept all of the kids engaged the whole time. The kids had a fantastic time and loved all of the games, especially the parachute and big ball.
Happy with the service

By Ana Suarez on 02/07/2016 23:02:48
what a great party, all the kids love the activities provide by physikids, gives to the kids the opportunity to do something different for their bday party, I think it was excellent,
What A Star!

By Nicole Moore on 02/03/2016 01:02:39
If you like kids to be active and able to run off their excess 6 year old energy then Physi Kids is your answer!! It was excellent!! We had done the standard birthday activities and wanted something different we could do at home with 20 x 6 year olds (a mix of boys and girls). Matthew was brilliant – he kept the children engaged and having a wonderful time while allowing the ‘grown ups’ to catch up knowing the children were in capable hands. Highly recommend!
5th Birthday Party

By Nicole Moore on 02/03/2016 01:02:39
If you like kids to be active and able to run off their excess 6 year old energy then Physi Kids is your answer!! It was excellent!! We had done the standard birthday activities and wanted something different we could do at home with 20 x 6 year olds (a mix of boys and girls). Matthew was brilliant – he kept the children engaged and having a wonderful time while allowing the ‘grown ups’ to catch up knowing the children were in capable hands. Highly recommend!
5th Birthday Party

By Deb on 01/12/2016 09:01:48
We had a variety of ages at Ash’s party and they all joined in and had a great time. It was good that we didn’t have to entertain the kids ourselves and it was good value for money. Very easy and painless way to hold a kids party with lot of fun.
Wonderful Party Idea

By Vib Sinha on 12/11/2015 22:12:10
Liam was excellent with the children and despite being a hot and sunny day they all participated. He was engaging and ensured every child was participative and had a go (even the littlies under 3). I highly recommend Physikids for any aged party.
8th Cricket Birthday Party

By Leanne on 12/10/2015 03:12:03
Wow…how to entertain 20 near 8 year old kids…engage Physikids! Liam had the whole group (of mostly boys) intrigued and engaged right from the get go. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the various games and so did the parents who were left to chat amongst themselves for a good hour. Great value for money and I certainly will be asking Physikids again for future parties.
Brilliant joint 5th birthday party

By Alana on 12/08/2015 19:12:22
When organising a joint 5th birthday for my daughter and her 2 Kindy friends (two girls, one boy) I thought it would be hard to plan a party that the entire Kindy (plus siblings friends and family) would enjoy, that wasn’t skewed towards boys or girls or a specific sport, that was affordable and that the younger siblings could partake in. But our Physikids party was perfect! So much fun. Physikids were an absolute pleasure to deal with and made the whole process so simple. The staff on the day, Matt & Ellen were fantastic with the kids (a huge group – nearly 50 kids including the little ones) and the classic games (sack races, limbo, parachute, egg & spoon races etc) hit the spot for young and old. I also had a few specific requests (to include all the dads in a game, and to finish with a huge water-balloon fight) and they were accommodated so easily. The kids loved their present too!. I would definitely recommend Physikids for a kids party.
Fantastic Option for little active kids

By Stephanie on 12/08/2015 10:12:09
We had Physi kids for my son Tyler’s 4th birthday party on the weekend. Taylor was our host and she was wonderful with the kids. She entertained the kids who ranged from ages 3 to 8 easily. The parachute games and sack races were a huge hit! The hour of games was just enough as they were all exhausted at the end. Booking through Kayleen was efficient and her responses were prompt. Thank you for making my little boys party a great success and taking all of the stress off of me  Tyler is still asking when we can do his party again!!!

By Karyn on 12/07/2015 07:12:13
Kayleen is wonderful! It is rare to find a business so genuinely focused on customer service – totally professional, accommodating and friendly. Liam did a fabulous job for my son’s 7th birthday! Highly recommended!
Wonderful daycare party

By Penny on 12/02/2015 02:12:20
Pick up my (almost) 5 year from Kindy after her Physikids party with her telling me that it was the best day ever. Kayleen from Physikids was wonderful. Booking the party was easy and Kyleen was very helpful. Would recommend them to anyone.
Fantastic Footy Party!

By Kerri on 12/01/2015 02:11:26
We were lucky to have Liam from PhysiKids join us for my son’s 8th birthday “Footy Party” last week. He handled ten excited boys with ease, and they had such a fun time. Highly recommend PhysiKids and Liam to anyone. Honestly, the best birthday party we’ve hosted and can’t thank you enough.
Physi Kids party Brisbane

By Caitriona on 11/30/2015 23:11:30
We had Liam for a 4 year old’s birthday party. Liam was excellent the children had great fun. The parents were very impressed with how he handled and interacted with the kids. Can’t recommend them enough.
Little Poss Birthday Party

By Epilepsy Queensland on 11/16/2015 20:11:33
We had our mascot birthday party for 60 children, and it rained and stormed!! Matthew Liam and Ellen were amazing, picking up and running with the short comings of the day. The kids were delighted and so are we. We highly recommend this organization and we certainly be calling on them again!
Stress free

By Rebecca on 11/14/2015 05:11:31
Thank you so much to Stephi for last Saturday. The kids had an amazing time and it was so nice to be able to sit down, relax and watch them enjoy themselves. Stephi was amazing with the kids! And my children slept so well Saturday night lol!!
Fantastic Kids Party!

By Johanna on 11/06/2015 22:11:36
We had Stephi from Physikids come to our son’s 4th birthday party to help entertain 15 3-5 year olds. She was amazing at encouraging their involvement in the games, whilst allowing each child to be involved as much or as little as they felt comfortable with. The process of organising the party was very straight forward and hassle free – exactly what you want with all the other potential stresses of organisation!! My son felt special with the great gift that was provided, and the kids were all thoroughly exhausted at the end of the party and ready for a long rest – every parent’s dream!! I will definitely use Physikids again, and would absolutely recommend them to my friends!
4 year old Birthday Party

By Amy on 11/03/2015 01:11:34
It was a correct decision to have Physkids for my 4 year old’s birthday party. The instructor, Stephi, was fantastic! We had about 10 kids. Most of them were involved and enjoyed. The games are quite entertaining and parents loved them too. I would use Physkids again next time for kid’s party!
Physikids Kindy Birthday Party

By Katherine H on 10/29/2015 20:10:30
Thank you so very much to Aimie and Kaylene from Physikids, who helped me to organise a Kindy class party for my son’s 5th birthday party. I didn’t have the time or resources to pull off a class party in my own home, but I wanted all the children to have an opportunity to celebrate together, because next year they would be going their separate ways off to primary school. Kaylene helped arrange for our regular Physikids instructor to come and put on this event at the centre. Aimee was so adaptable – it rained that day but this didn’t stop the party, it just moved indoors and went right ahead. The energy and excitement Aimie generated was incredible – my 2 younger children were also able to come join their sibling’s celebration which I greatly appreciated – lots of fun to watch and all the kids had a blast! Totally recommend this party option – and again thank you Physikids!
So impressed!

By Elena on 10/16/2015 02:10:50
We had Stephi and Taylor from Physi Kids entertain 30+ kids for our children’s joint 5th birthday party on the weekend. Stephi does Physi Kids at the childcare centre where they attend so it was wonderful to be able to see what goes on. Both Stephi and Taylor were fantastic and got every single child involved – not easy with so many kids! We were so impressed at how they managed them all and that Stephi knew the names of all the kids that attend the childcare. She has a wonderful rapport with them and they adore her. Taylor was equally fantastic getting in there and playing with them all. The games were awesome and held the kids attention and they instinctively knew when it was time to change it up. Organising the party was so easy- Kayleen was so helpful answering all my questions over the phone and promptly via email. We couldn’t fault a thing. Thanks Phyi Kids! Elena and Flora (Anja and Paul’s mums)
3 year old Physikids party

By Linda on 10/12/2015 03:10:15
We had Stephi from Physkids for our 3 year old’s birthday party. It was fantastic! Stephi was a dynamite, we all played along together, parents and older siblings included. We all had a blast – time flew and everyone was involved. Thanks a lot for a great birthday to remember. Linda
Physi kids party

By Lucy on 10/12/2015 02:10:30
This was our second Physi Kids party for my son. After the success of last years party I couldn’t say no to another one. They make having a party with large numbers of kids so easy. Our party instructor Matt was fantastic! He kept all the kids engaged, even the little ones and the kids of all ages had a blast. Matt kept the kids so busy with lots of different fun games which allowed the adults to enjoy the party too and for the last game the adults joined in, which the kids loved. Physi Kids made the party stress free and so relaxing, especially for me being 20 weeks pregnant. I also have two younger children who are coming into party ages and I know who I will be using for their parties. I cannot express how happy I was. Thank you Physi Kids, see you at our next party soon! Cheers Lucy
Spy training party! 

By Deb on 09/21/2015 23:09:51
A big thank you to physi kids and Liam for the fantastic ‘spy training’ games at my sons 6th birthday party. The kids had a great time running around, training to be spy’s and having fun, especially the obstacle course and rubber chicken fight! Liam was fantastic with the kids and making up spy games to match the party theme. A great birthday party!
Rugby League Party with Liam was a WINNER!

By Dani Jenssen on 09/14/2015 22:09:18
We give Liam 5 stars for his Rugby League Party we had yesterday. He was amazing. Arrived early, set up and started running around with the kids before the official start time. Once 11am came he was able to command the 21 kids, aged 5-10 years, with ease. He was fun and engaging and the kids loved him and the games he played. Great equipment and Orion loved his gift. The kids didn’t stop raving, long after Liam left. They didn’t want him to go haha. As a parent this was our most stress free party yet. It was so nice to be able to sit and enjoy the adult company and watch our kids have a ball. Affordable, awesome kids entertainment and I will sing your praises to all. A few parents took away the brochures Liam brought with him so hopefully you get some new clients there. Fantastic and thanks again guys!!
The kids all had very big smiles on there faces for the whole time

By Georgia McCabe on 09/07/2015 23:09:44
Great party!!! All the kids had a ball, they were all smiling and laughing!!! I have had a lot of parents comment on how awesome my daughters party was, so would high recommend them!!! (My daughter was 6 – the age groups where mostly 5/6 year olds. A couple of 8/9 and a few siblings (3 year olds there) and all ages loved it.) Taylor was AMAZING!!
Great time had by all.

By Leanne on 08/31/2015 19:08:31
Big thank you to Physikids and in particular Liam for keeping my Liam and his friends entertained at yesterdays birthday party. They all had a fantastic time and we would definitely do it again.
7th birthday party – great with Physikids

By Chris Gillespie on 08/23/2015 06:08:56
Matt from Physikids did a fantastic job with our son Jack’s 7th birthday party on 15th August at Perth St Parklands. We thoroughly recommend him to any kid’s party – he was a hit with the kids and did a marvellous job.
Sport/Games Party

By Alana on 08/17/2015 22:08:12
Ellen from Physi Kids did a wonderful job at my son’s 6th birthday party entertaining 15 energetic boys with lots of active games oriented around soccer and football. She was energetic, friendly and enthusiastic – all the boys had a great time and the parents were able to have a break for an hour. Kayleen was extremely helpful leading up to the party and answered any questions that I had. I would definitely recommend Physi Kids!
Best Birthday Party Ever!

By Fiona on 08/11/2015 21:08:32
Matt from Physi kids did a wonderful job at my son’s 10th birthday. We had 10 children aged 10-12 and they were all kept active and entertained for an hour. Matt related well to all the children and they all stayed enthusiastically involved for the whole time. All the kids said many times how much they enjoyed it. The parents enjoyed it too – very relaxing and entertaining! My son rarely shows emotion, but he was so excited by this birthday and said it was the best party ever. The whole process was really easy – from making an enquiry, to booking, to the actual day. Really helpful and friendly. Well worth the money. Definitely recommend Physi kids for a party.
Fantastic and fun!

By Fran on 08/09/2015 22:08:58
We used Physikids for our son’s 5th birthday party in our backyard…wow, money well spent!! Ellen the instructor was amazing with all the kids, she is definitely in the right job. She had about 16 kids running around, wearing them out for an hour doing some great games. Lots of great positive feedback from the parents who were able to sit back in the sun and relax. I will definitely use these guys again!
Great fun for all

By Marcia on 08/03/2015 19:08:54
Wow, how great are Liam and Matt? Awesome is what they are. 40 kids ranging in age from 5-12, boys and girls all entertained having a great time, as well as the odd big kid (parent) thrown in there. Max had a fantastic time and so did his friends, everyone is raving about Physikids. Thanks so much, the older the kids get the harder it is to come up with party ideas and this was ideal I would recommend Physikids for all age groups.
Great fun. Good alternative to traditional party games

By Dani on 07/30/2015 20:07:54
The kids had a ball and the instructor was gorgeous with them (all 15!). Average age was 6 years old. The instructor adapted to our yard and met every child’s skill/age level. From enquiring to booking the process was really easy and tailored to exactly what we wanted. The instructor came in with great equipment (and enthusiasm) and got straight into it. We highly recommend it as an alternative to traditional party games.
Physi kids 6 yr old party

By Kristy on 07/25/2015 06:07:09
Physie kids did a great job for my son’s 6th birthday party. All the kids had a great time and were thoroughly entertained for an hour. Liam managed to keep 20 kids interested and engaged while the parents had a chance to relax. I would wholeheartedly recommend Physie kids for a party.
Excellent program for 3-4 yr olds

By Annamari Twomey on 07/16/2015 22:07:50
My daughter loves her time with her PhysiKid instructor at our childcare centre on Wednesdays. She loves the variety of sports played and I love the reports back, photos and a chance to see what she is doing, while being a full time working mum.
My grandson looks forward to physi kids every week at daycare

By Lisa Perry on 07/16/2015 03:07:55
Hannah from Physi kids goes to my grandson Carter’s day care centre every Wednesday, and he has been going for about 12 months now every week, he absolutely loves it, looks forward to it as well and is always talking about it after I ask him how his day was, he is very energetic so Physi kids is good for him, I only wish I could keep up with him
Great idea

By Megan on 07/06/2015 22:07:07
We were so happy to chose to have Physikids at our daughter’s 5th birthday party. the kids absolutely loved the activities and were kept completely entertained. Nice job!
Charlie’s party

By Rachael Prole on 07/05/2015 20:07:05
What a great party we had! Physikids were excellent. Amy entertained 15 4 & 5 year olds in our back yard, played games and they all had a ball. All the parents commented on how great it was, and I would like to thank Amy for being so great with the kids and enthusiastic. Cheers Rachael
Charlie’s party

By Lana on 06/02/2015 08:06:31
Ellen from Physi Kids was the instructor at my daughter’s 5th birthday at Booker Place park in Bellbowrie. She entertained 7 kids of approximately 5-8 yo. We almost forgot about our kids existence. They were busy playing games and having fun, and only an ant’s bite spoiled the party atmosphere for a short period of time. Parents had a good chance to relax having a chat and a glass of wine/ beer. It’s good when kids are entertained professionally which Ellen did. She is very lovely and has a great way with kids. Besides, she is extremely honest. I overpaid her by chance as I am still not 100% accustomed to Australian banknotes. Poor thing, she had to come back when the fun was over and she gave me back the extra banknote which I gave her by mistake. I highly recommend Physi Kids as entertainers at birthday parties. Sports games is a thing which they surely need to keep them busy and active.
Brilliant fun!

By Kylie on 05/18/2015 17:05:19
Amie from Physikids came to my daughter’s birthday party and engaged all the kids in physical games – they all had a ball, and I’ve never had such a low-stress party! I would heartily recommend a Physikids party – great value, awesome fun, and nothing for the parents to worry about!
Awesome class birthday party in the park!

By Elissa on 05/09/2015 08:05:38
Kayleen from Physikids came to the park after school and entertained the entire class with activities for boys and girls for our daughter’s birthday party. They had such a great time and Kayleen was wonderful with the kids. They didn’t want her to go! Thoroughly recommend the Physikids experience – especially when you want to keep a large group of kids entertained and together. Thanks for a wonderful afternoon Kayleen.
Energetic fun for the little ones

By Bernie on 04/30/2015 06:04:34
Kayleen from Physi Kids did a party for my daugther’s 3rd birthday at her child care centre today. The whole class got to join in and it was brilliant to see every one of them participating and having fun. Each activity was well thought out and tailored perfectly for their age group. Even the educators said their derived inspiration and ideas for their daily activities with the class. I will definitely use Physi Kids again.
Great fun for the children and stress free for the parents

By Dee on 04/27/2015 21:04:03
We had Liam for our sons 9th birthday party recently and we couldn’t be happier with how it went. Liam arrived early to set up, asked us a few questions to get more an idea of our little mans likes and personality and told us to relax while he ran things. Our group was 12 boys aged 8 &9 so they had a lot of energy to burn. We had a soccer theme but there were other games as well so there was something for everyone. It was great for us to then sit back and enjoy watching the kids have a great time and be entertained for an hour. From my initial enquiry through to booking, the actual event and follow up, the whole process has been easy, friendly and professional. The proof of course is from the birthday boy who declares it the best birthday ever.
Happy, smiling kids having fun 

By Lorna B on 04/21/2015 05:04:34
Stephi from Physi Kids was a great addition to our 5 year old’s birthday party. All of the kids (from 4 – 12 years) were running, jumping, hopping, dancing, and laughing their way around the park. We served our birthday cake first and then let Stephi use up lots of the kids’ energy having fun. We would recommend Stephi and Physi Kids for any kids party and found the booking process easy. We also enjoyed being able to watch the kids have fun and take photos while Stephi did the hard work!
Great fun for the kids while parents relax

By Isa on 04/13/2015 22:04:58
We had Physi kids for the second time entertaining kids at our daughters birthday. I really love how the kids run around, enjoy all together in group fun even if they didn’t know each other before while the parents can have a relaxed chat. When I asked one of our little guests at the end of the party “Did you have fun? what was the best of the party? The cake? The lolly bags?” she answered “the games”.

By Angela Ripper on 03/30/2015 07:03:18
Physi Kids did a birthday party for our 8 year old son and he had an absolute ball. I cannot speak highly enough of Physi Kids and their staff. They were so easy to deal with and the price was unmatchable. My son couldn’t choose what sport theme he wanted so Physi Kids said “Let’s do them all!!” They were so accommodating and friendly and all my sons friends that came said they loved the party. We would definitely love to use Physi Kids again with our other kids.

By Louise on 03/19/2015 07:03:56
We had our Sons Birthday party today with Physikids and it was brilliant. Unfortunately, we were supposed to have it at the park but it poured with rain! At the last minute the venue was changed to our house but Kayleen our instructor was amazing and worked around this. Kayleen only had a small space to work in but the kids loved it and she kept 10 children all aged 3 entertained for an hour! She did so many activities with them and made it really fun. I would highly recommended a party with physikids, money well spent. Thank you
Fantastic for a birthday party 

By Valerie on 03/17/2015 03:03:14
We hosted our son’s 5th birthday party at home and had coach Liam entertain the children for an hour. We had a group of boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 5. All the kids loved the activities and had a great time. For us, it was a very party to host. Liam arrived with all the equipment he needed and set up in minutes. After an hour of playing games, the kids were ready for party food and cake. I would highly recommend Physikids for a children’s party.
Fantastic Kids Party!

By Jo on 03/14/2015 03:03:58
What a fantastic birthday for my sons 4th birthday! Thanks to the team at Physi Kids my son had a party that he is still talking about with his friends. Thanks to Kayleen (Physi Kids Owner) and my sons childcare we arranged to have his party at the childcare centre with all his friends. All the kids had a great time and there was lots and lots of laughing while playing all the fun games. A huge thanks goes to Hannah who was our party instructor who got the kids attention as soon as she walked in and kept the kids entertained the whole time. I would definitely recommend this for your child’s party as I will be keeping them in mind for future parties to come. Thanks for the awesome job Physi Kids!
Wonderful! All the kids had a great time!

By Merlijn on 03/04/2015 08:03:47
Thanks Kayleen and Teesh. My daughters (5 and 7) and their friends had a great time with Teesh at our recent combined birthday party. She did a wonderful job including all kids (small and big) and, despite the heat, had them all out running around! The booking process was also easy and prompt, so all in all very happy.
It was GREAT !!

By Monica on 03/04/2015 01:03:21
Thank you Kaylene, Kevin our son had a great time for his 6th Birthday party. You were efficient and prompt to reply to our emails. We had Liam as our instructor. He was great and very engaging with the children. They had so much fun and enjoyed the activities. We had a 20 minute down pour of rain but Liam added the 20 minutes to complete the activities. Thank you. I would recommend you to other parents.
What fun was had! Thank you!

By Jill on 02/27/2015 23:02:12
A big thank-you to Kayleen and instructor Liam for making my son’s 5th birthday party so much easier and full of activity and fun. I and all the other parents were very impressed!
Physikids Fantastic 5th birthday party! Kudos to Teesh and Liam!

By Kristine on 02/27/2015 10:02:40
Coach Liam hosted my son’s fantastic 5th sports birthday party at the park. My little man had an amazing day celebrating with his friends, family, and his Instructor, Liam. The children ranged in age from 2.5-7 with different levels of abilities. Instructor Liam kept them engaged, and they all had a blast. My hubby even joined in the fun. Liam was brilliant, and I would definitely recommend a Physikids party, especially if your child already loves the program from his or her childcare centre. My son adored attending Physikids with Ms. Teesh at his Preschool. She’s always upbeat and professional while being very nurturing to the children. Teesh is an asset and amazing! So I thought after his Preschool graduation what a great idea Physikids would be for his upcoming birthday. I highly recommend Physikids!
Physikids Birthday Party 

By Kylie Pari on 02/10/2015 18:02:12
We had Liam come out for my son’s 7th birthday party. The kids absolutely loved him!!! He done a great job at keeping them engaged in the activities and both parents and kids thought it was great and the kids had so much fun. Money well spent
A fantastic party!

By Liz Mercer on 01/13/2015 07:01:22
We had instructor Teesh come along to our son’s 3rd birthday party on the weekend and she was an absolute hit! We had kids from 2.5 to 8 years and they all had a fantastic time and were completely exhausted at the end of it. A great range of age appropriate games for the kids and a lovely gift for the birthday boy. I’d highly recommend Physi kids for children’s birthday parties and would definitely have them again!
Another great party!

By Bridget Kinch on 12/20/2014 04:12:58
This is the second year we have used Physikids to run our work Christmas party for our employees children. Yet again, they were fabulous! Stephi and Teesh did a great job to entertain the kids from the age of 2 – 15 (even some of the adults!!). Also, Kayleen was so flexible, as we had to postpone our party due to the big storm that hit Brisbane. She was really happy to schedule us in for a couple of weeks after! Couldn’t recommend them more.
Physi kids is not just for littlies.

By Jennie Dean on 12/05/2014 02:12:24
When I was wondering how to entertain 8 year old boys at my grandson’s birthday party, a work colleague recommended I look at Physi kids and I am so glad I did. I was hosting the party on my own so having Mr Liam from Physi kids turn up with everything needed for an hour of games gave me the opportunity to prepare refreshments and time to enjoy watching the fun. Mr Liam, you did a brilliant job. The boys were on the go the whole time and hearing the shouts of laughter was a great feeling for me. At the end of the party the boys couldn’t agree which was the best game but one thing was unanimous – “THE best day EVER!” I would definitely recommend Physi kids for a birthday party and not just for littlies.
PhysiKids Party

By Anita on 11/27/2014 01:11:01
My son, Max, had a PhysiKids party at his daycare yesterday for his 5th birthday party. He felt so special and was smiling from ear to ear the whole time. He loves PhysiKids and so much enjoyed that this PhysiKids was for him. He truly had the best time and was able to have a party with all of his friends there at his daycare. I would do it again!
Fun and engaging

By Melanie on 11/25/2014 03:11:23
Miss Stephi did a fabulous job keeping the kids entertained and active at our son’s 4th birthday party. Even the toddlers joined in the fun. What a fabulous way for the kids to celebrate!
5th birthday party

By Danielle Przybylo on 10/27/2014 05:10:20
Our boy Sebastian had the best day and thought Liam was tops. Parents and grandparents all remarked how will he kept the children from ages 2 to 10 engaged. Even with drink breaks they all returned promptly for the next activity. Thank you Liam and physi kids.
Fantastic Party!!!!

By Nicole on 10/20/2014 08:10:04
Thanks to Kay my 6 year old had the best birthday ever (his words)!! We had kids ranging from 18months to teenagers and they all had so much fun! All the adults at the party commented on how fantastic they thought Kay was and what a great way it was to entertain the kids. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Kay and Physikids
A fantastic party idea

By Claire on 10/18/2014 18:10:22
We had Kayleen visit my daughter’s kindy for her 5th birthday, and it was fantastic. All of the kids loved the high energy and enthusiasm Kayleen brought, and even children who aren’t usually “joiners” got involved and had fun. Kayleen included my 3 year old in the activities as well, and made him feel like one of the big kids. I would highly recommend Physikids!
My daughter’s 5th birthday party

By Julia on 10/16/2014 22:10:41
My daughter and her friends had a wonderful time! Kayleen was great to discuss the organisation with and Teesh was fantastic on the day, catering to all the boys and girls and various ages. The kids were entirely occupied for the hour, which meant the parents could relax and watch and enjoy each others company too! I would highly recommend!
Physi Kids Kindy Party

By Kellie on 10/08/2014 09:10:28
A big thank you to Physi Kids for making my daughters 5th birthday party so special today! The Kindy children enjoyed the activities and my daughter thought it was great!! Kayleen – you were awesome – your jokes and enthusiasm made it all so much fun!! I highly recommend a ‘Physi Kids Kindy Birthday Party’… Lots of fun… with no mess for Mum! Thanks again!!
My son’s 3rd birthday party

By Satu on 10/01/2014 04:09:08
BIG thank you to Kayleen & our instructor – Hannah for making our son’s birthday party so much fun! At the beginning, we were worried maybe it’s a bit too young to do activities together with an instructor. Well, we can tell you now, they simply loved it & had fun!!!!! Hannah was absolutely fantastic engaging with little kids (2.5 – 3 years old kids) for entire 1h. She did an excellent job and was very professional. We are SO happy to find Physikids and no regrets for booking our party with them. We also had some positive comments from other mums who attended our party. Mums & Dads enjoyed watching & taking photos of their little ones doing games/activities together. I strongly recommend Physikids.
My daughter’s 5th birthday party

By Louise on 09/30/2014 00:09:11
Thanks so much Liam for making my daughter’s 5th birthday party so much fun. Liam was great with the kids and they all had a brilliant time. Kayleen, thanks for making everything so easy to organise (and for being so accommodating with a back up option incase it rained!)
My Son’s 6th Birthday Party

By Richard on 09/22/2014 20:09:57
Kayleen and Teesh. Thank you very much for your kind preparation and organization for Joshua’s 6th birthday party. It was wonderful so every kids in the party were really happy last Sat morning. I gladly recommend to my friends as well as other parents.

By Leesa Newcomb on 09/17/2014 06:09:58

We were very happy with the Rugby League party for our son’s 7th birthday, everyone had a great time. The “administration” of the party was very easy and I thought the price was very reasonable. Thanks for making Andrew’s day so great!

By Kevin Falkner on 09/01/2014 21:09:00
Had my sons 10th birthday party at the park on the weekend.Our instructor Liam was fantastic and so good with the kids. Looked like he was having just as much fun as them.Would defiantly recommend a Physie party for your next kids party.
Family Fun Day

By Megan on 08/22/2014 01:08:36
We got Physikids to do egg & spoon races, jumping sack races, three legged races and some football games for our Family Fun Day. They did such a great job for so many kids, everyone had a great time and gave great feedback. Thank you, I will certainly recommend your company to anyone.
A great party option

By Majella Thompson on 08/18/2014 20:08:56
Thanks to Kayleen and Ebony for making my son’s 6th birthday so memorable. I was a bit worried with 12 five and six year old boys to entertain, but Ebony ran them ragged and they had such a great time. With the threat of wet weather we had to change locations and Kayleen couldn’t have been more accommodating. Great customer service and we’ll definitely recommend Physikids to others.
10th birthday party

By Martin on 08/18/2014 07:08:50
We asked Physikids to provide entertainment/exercise (entercise? Exertainment?) and they were great. Liam kept a bunch of 10 year-old kids running around madly for an hour. We got some memorable photos of good friends enjoying themselves. I highly recommend Physikids. Worth every cent
Rugby Union Birthday Party

By Alexandra Boast on 08/05/2014 20:08:01
My first impression of Physikids was just fantastic and it got better and better. I had called a few places to get quotes and a lot of places were very impersonal call centers or just unfriendly. When I got through to Kayleen all my stress was put at ease the customer service was amazing she knew exactly what I was looking for and gave me tips on how best to plan everything. Then on the day our Party Host Andrew was just fantastic he had patience with the kids and the kids just absolutely loved him. My Sons words after everything was over was thanks mum and dad for the best party ever I was so happy as they are the words every parent wants to hear. I know Andrew did all the hard work to make it awesome for my son but I will take the credit :-). Thanks again Physikids I will definitely book you guys again.
Physikids- My son’s birthday Party

By Justin Edward Raj on 08/01/2014 09:07:55
Thanks for making a wonderful experience for my Son’ s 5th Birthday party in his day care. My son loves it.
Wonderful party, thank you!

By Angela Mendoza on 07/28/2014 20:07:50
Physikids entertained the kids at my daughter’s fourth birthday party at the park. They turned up on time, engaged all the kids of all different ages and all the kids had a great time. Thank you for keeping the kids amused and giving the adults a breather
Easiest party ever!

By Jenny Penboss on 07/24/2014 07:07:23
We invited Physikids to my daughter’s 8th Birthday party at a local park. The instructor turned up on time, kept the children busy and entertained for an hour, even helping out a friend’s toddler while playing games with the older children. Just perfect.
Highly Recommend!! Fantastic

By Amanda on 07/23/2014 06:07:51
We had physikids come out to my daughters 1st birthday party in July to entertain the older kids attending. We were assigned Sarah. She was amazing! All the kids were excited and actively engaged in everything she played with them. Highly recommend physikids for parties and would definitely be back for the next party.
Grandchildren’s 5th Birthday Party

By Pari Natano on 07/22/2014 01:07:43
Hi Kayleen, Just wanted to thank you and Teesh our instructor who we had for the birthday party. Not only did the kids have a blast but the parents were also enjoying watching their own kids interacting with each other as well having time out, with that insurance the kids were having fun and in capable hands. So for that THANKS KAYLEEN and TEESH
School families had a great time

By Tony on 07/15/2014 02:07:06
We had Physikids do a few activities for our school families and everybody had a great time. It was good to see the parents and kids having fun together. Would recommend it to other groups.
Great fun

By Lynne Stringer on 07/15/2014 00:07:48
My son and his friends had a wonderful time at their party on Saturday. We could see that they were enjoying themselves and there was no moment when they looked like they’d had enough. Thanks for making his birthday party special.
Great fun & value for money

By Julian on 07/15/2014 00:07:43
We had the wonderful Teesh for my son’s 5th birthday party. She kept 15 kids entertained & engaged throughout the 1 hour of activities. I would definitely recommend Physi Kids for your child’s next birthday party. Thanks Teesh!
Fun 5th Birthday Party

By Shu Men Lee on 07/08/2014 01:07:25
Thank you Kayleen and Hannah for a fun filled birthday party yesterday! Hannah is Caden’s Physi Kids instructor at preschool, so he was very excited that Hannah could come to his party. Kayleen made the whole process very simple and hassle free. Hannah turned up early to set things up. I was sorry that she had to wait a bit while we ushered the kids to the tennis court. Hannah didn’t complain at all and got the kids engaged and ready to have fun straight away. They played with hoola hoops, parachute, sack race etc. Lots of running and laughters in the hour, and we parents get to sit back and relax. Thank you again for the awesome party. I highly recommend Physi Kids birthday parties to everyone!!
AFL party

By Jo on 06/27/2014 20:06:42
My son’s 6th birthday party was referred to as “the best birthday party ever” by both the boys and girls. Kayleen and Andrew kept the kids entertained and having lots of fun. I would highly recommend Physikids and hope to use them again. Kayleen was very professional and went out of her way to make the party enjoyable for everyone.
30 Prep Children for a Party – fully engaged in Great Games for an hour!

By Mandy Mak on 06/24/2014 06:06:11
Physi Kids are worth every cent! Liam and Teesh were a fabulous combination for both the boys and girls in our Prep class. They had them going, involved and having an absolute ball for an hour. They even coaxed a few nervous little people into the games. What a relief it is to hand the entertainment over to someone who knows how to get it right. They were intuitive about what would work with our group. Kayleen was really responsive and helpful by email and on the phone when organising our party. She listened closely to how I described our group and what we wanted in the party and made some great suggestions and showed obvious experience and insight into getting the best outcome, and a bonus…she is so lovely to chat to! Please do contact Physi Kids if you are looking for this type of Party. Thanks so much Liam and Teesh and Kayleen. Big Thumbs up from us and all the parents at the party!
Mr Liam is awesome for the kids!!!

By Karina on 06/14/2014 06:06:17
Mr Liam is a great instructor and really gets the kids involved. We’ve had a birthday party and our weekly lessons at Little Darlings, and Oliver has loved them all. He and his mates have a great time and their gross motor skills are fantastic for their age. Mr Liam always provides encouragement and activities they love. It’s only a shame he heads off to school next year and can’t keep up the lessons. Great job Mr Liam and Physi kids!!!!!
Made the party easy!

By J Lynagh on 06/13/2014 20:06:12
Physi Kids were fantastic. Prices on website, so you can see straight away whether it is affordable. Simple booking process and the facilitator on the day was amazing. 10 four year old boys were so engaged, you wouldn’t have known they were there. The adults all had a relaxing time and it was beautiful to see their smiling faces. Great games (love the coloured parachute!) – I would highly recommend PhysiKids to anyone. The older siblings joined in at times (and were welcomed by the facilitator), so good for older children’s parties as well.
10th Birthday Party

By Christine on 05/27/2014 05:05:26
We had Physikids for our son’s 10th birthday party and I would highly recommend them to others. They accommodated my son’s Rugby League passion with a variety of really engaging games. Our faciliator Liam, was absolutely brilliant in relating to the kids and keeping them active, busy and happy. The included gift was perfect and now a prized possession. It was all so easy for me and I really appreciated it.
Highly Recommended!!!

By Suzanne on 05/24/2014 06:05:18
We had physikids come and do our daughters 3rd birthday party. They were amazing and the children had such a good time! it was alo perfect for the parents who got to relax while the children were entertained! highly recommended for everyone!
Physikids at your daycare centre!

By nyla muir on 05/22/2014 00:05:06
Physikids attends my daycare centre and the children absolutely love it and if you ever find a day they don’t want to attend school all I have to do is say it’s Physikids day and they are quickly finding their shoes to get ready to jump in the car. The teachers seem amazing as the kids have never said a bad word so must throughly enjoy it. I recommend you talking to your own daycare about seeing if Physikids could attend your centre as it’s a fun interactive way of introducing sport to your children in a relaxed environment
6th Birthday Party

By Zan on 05/03/2014 20:05:57
Are you looking for a quality party? Then Physi kids is most definitely the solution. My daughter’s party included both boys and girls, and the excellent games were equally enjoyed by both. Kayleen is very lovely and extremely professional. She sent the instructor (Hannah) my daughter had at Kindy so she was totally familiar. She was punctual, friendly and held the children’s attention for the entire hour. Everyone had an absolute ball! Topnotch entertainment. Another great thing is you aren’t required to pay a deposit and can cancel up to two hours before the party, so you’re not out of pocket should the unexpected happen. I would hire Physi kids again in a heartbeat.
6th Birthday Soccer Party was a HIT!

By Kelli Vanniasinghe on 04/30/2014 23:04:57
I was looking for something a little different for my son’s 6th Birthday Party. I decided on a soccer theme party with Physikids (we had Liam as our instructor). Liam was brilliant at keeping the kids entertained, and laughing all the time. I highly recommend Physikids as a party option for active boys and girls.
8 Year Old Boys Party

By Karen Newberry on 04/28/2014 07:04:10
Hi Kayleen, Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful afternoon. Having you there organising the games for the boys and keeping them busy was just great. You did a fantastic job and all the parents thought so too. Lachie and his friends had a great time. I would totally recommend your kids parties to anyone. Besides being great value, they also allowed us to relax and enjoy our son’s party, instead of trying to keep the kids occupied. Thank You.
Thank you Physi Kids!

By Deb on 04/23/2014 23:04:12
Thank you to Kayleen and Steph for a wonderful Physi Kids party for Olivia. Olivia loves going to Physi Kids each week at Chatterbox. Organising a party for her at the local park was so easy and she was so excited that ‘Miss Busy’ was coming to her party. Steph did a wonderful job and all the kids had heaps of fun and were completely exhausted at the end. I also really enjoyed seeing Physi Kids in action because Olivia always talks about the new things she’s learning each week . I would highly recommend Physi Kids to any parent
Fantastic sports program for early childhood!

By Bright Start Childcare on 04/15/2014 17:04:43
Myself and all the educators at our service would like to say that Physi Kids is the best children’s sport/fitness program we have ever had. The instructors and management are professional and friendly. The children and parents in our service really love the program:) The program is always on time and consistent and if ever anyone of your staff are away you let us know in advance and have a replacement. We have had other children’s programs in the past and they were more of a disruption to the service than a positive experience in the service. You should be very proud of the great experience you are offering children and the wonderful staff you have!!
Day care birthday party – awesome!

By Bron on 04/07/2014 08:04:17
I was completely impressed with how easy it was to “organise”a physi-kids birthday party.. I had left it quite late to book (< 3 weeks before the big day) but in no time at all Kayleen and her team had liased with the day care centre the best time to do it and organised everything. On the day, my 3yo daughter and her classmates had the best time! All I had to organise for the day was the birthday cake. Thanks very much! Best wishes from a very happy birthday girl and her mother. The gift is also excellent and very useful. A brilliant idea for a birthday party. Will be booking you next year too!
Boys Birthday Party

By Shannon on 04/03/2014 08:04:45
Kayleen was fabulous in helping to organise my boy’s joint birthday party. It was a 3 year old and 7 year old, so the party was tailored in that the age groups were split up and the games suited to those ages. All the kids loved it and the parents at the party were telling me how great it was. The girls who did it were awesome too!
Pleasantly surprised

By Jacki on 04/02/2014 06:04:20
I was pleasantly surprised how good physikids were at my daughters 4th birthday party. They were reasonably priced and it was very good value for money. We had 16 kids in attendance and they all participated in the activities. It catered well for both boys and girls and a variety of ages. I had no experience with a physikids party but was pleasantly surprised at just how good it was. I have had multiple parents approach me with questions and wanting more info about having their own physikids party. Would definitely recommend! Big thanks to Ebony. Jacki
Fantastic and physical kids fun!

By Alison on 04/01/2014 08:03:24
Thank you so much Sarah for entertaining the kids at my daughter’s 6th birthday party! Everyone had a great time. We truly appreciated your enthusiasm and patience. I would recommend “Physikids” to any parent wanting some good old fashioned running around fun for a kids party. It was all so easy for my husband and I – thank you.
Partying in the rain

By Mel Thomas on 03/31/2014 22:03:17
Thanks Kayleen for keeping the kids entertained – despite the rain. Everyone had so much fun; their laughter and squeals were fantastic to hear. At the end of the day, my son mentioned that he’d had an awesome day.
Physi Kids parties!

By Sonia on 03/28/2014 07:03:16
I am a huge fan of PhysiKids! We have now held two kindy parties – great for all the kids and the teachers loved it too. Sophie’s favourite day of the week is “Physi Thursday!”. All I have to do is ask “What did you do at Physikids today?” and she talks all the way home. We have been watching the Physi tips and now we all laugh trying to do the yoga poses. Kayleen – thank you so much! I have no hesitation in recommending you to all the other mums I know.
Physi Kids – AFL Party

By Camilla Broughton on 03/24/2014 23:03:19
Thanks Kayleen and staff for putting together a action packed AFL themed activity for my son Jack’s 6th birthday. The children loved the chicken games! They were entertained for the full hour. The children ages ranged from 3 to 12 years and not one person was left out.
6 year old Birthday Party in the park

By Morgan Mutch on 03/18/2014 21:03:23
15 kids from 6 – 10 yrs old. They were all kept engaged for the entire hour. They were all also off to bed early and exhausted that night. They absolutely loved it and so too did us parents. We just sat there watching and enjoying each other’s company. No fuss, no stress, it was seem less.
Great basketball party

By TL on 03/11/2014 07:03:49
My daughter wanted a basketball themed tenth birthday party and it was much harder than I thought to find an organisation to run some games along that theme. I was thrilled when I found PhysiKids on Google and it was everything I hoped it would be. Kayleen was wonderful help with the booking and reassuring me when I had a minor freak out about the possibility of rain. Teesh was great fun on the day and kept 17 girls entertained from beginning to end. Would highly recommend.
4 year old boys party in the park

By Fiona on 03/04/2014 01:03:33
Kaylene was brilliant, very accommodating and efficient in organising things for us and the wonderful Liam entertained the children – ages 3 to 9 (13 children) for the entire hour with balls, hoops, parachute games and “bob” the giant ball …plus tiggy and more. So great for the kids and easy for us. I managed to stop and chat to parents in this time just so good and worth the money!!
Xavier’s 4th Birthday Party

By Brooke on 02/26/2014 00:02:39
Our son attends Physi Kids at his daycare, so when i found out they also did parties, we jumped at the chance, all the kids had the best time, the instructor Steph did a fabulous job, had the kids completely engaged the whole time. We had a group aged between 3 and 10 and all the kids got in and had a go. Would highly recommend to anyone. Super way to get the kids away from the food table and run around!! Thanks guys, will be using your services again i’m sure
Physi Kids Review

By Silika Boxer on 02/18/2014 21:02:09
I hired Physi Kids for my son’s 5th birthday party in our back yard. It was BRILLIANT. I highly, highly recommend. Hannah the instructor was fantastic with the kids and kept them completely engaged for the whole hour. The games were fun, the music fab and it was awesome. Highly recommend, and wouldn’t doubt using them again. All children from 2-5 were loving it
Thank you for the great time at Max’s 5th Birthday

By Jennifer on 02/11/2014 21:02:50
Great idea for a kid’s party. The hour of fun and activity gave the mums and dads a break! All the games were designed for a inner city backyard and work well with the ages and skill levels of the kids. We would recommend Physi Kids to anyone keen to give kid’s an awesome party experience. Thanks Tessha.
Child Care Birthday Party

By Rebecca Schutt on 02/06/2014 00:02:32
My 3yo daughter had an awesome time celebrating with all of her kindy friends. It was such an affordable and hassle-free option for me as a busy mum with two businesses & two children! The service from Kayleen from start to finish was super professional and by all reports the kids had great fun. Highly recommended.
Physikids Party

By Disa on 02/03/2014 01:02:47
My son takes part in Physikids at daycare once a week and always talks about what he did when he comes home. So when his birthday came around it really made it easy to decide what we were going to do. The instructor (Hannah) was absolutely awesome and the kids loved her. The games were very entertaining, for both the adults and the kids, and it was very well run. A big thank you to Kayleen and her team!
PhysiKids 7th birthday party

By R Wild on 01/22/2014 01:01:05
I can highly recommend Physikids for a party – about 20 boys and girls were kept highly entertained and active with a diverse range of activities for the hour. When I asked the kids, they each seemed to have a different game which was their favourite – a good indication of all abilities and interests completely catered for. Thanks guys!
9th Birthday Party

By Tracy on 12/17/2013 20:12:54
I booked Physikids at relatively short notice and found Kayleen very helpful. The kids really enjoyed the party and I would definitely recommend them to friends.
Fun and games for five year old birthday party

By Helen Vickers on 11/27/2013 01:11:28
I booked Physikids for my son’s 5th birthday party at short notice and Kayleen was terrific. She jumped into action, found an instructor and organised the party games within hours of my initial phone call. Stephanie, the instructor, was brilliant and kept 20 kids entertained with many games and fun physical activities. Even a huge downpour half way through didn’t spoil the games! Stephanie smiled through it all and the kids enjoyed ‘limbo in the rain’. I have no hesitation in recommending Physikids to other parents. Thank you Kayleen and Stephanie!
Awesome soccer birthday party for my son

By Shimali on 11/26/2013 06:11:39
Thankyou so much Liam and Kay! Our son and his friends had full on fun, and for us, watching the kids have fun was the best part! Physikids provided awesome activities that my son and his friends enjoyed very much. I am so happy with the organisation, even with the terrible weather physikids hosted a great party. The party was wonderful, Thanks
awesome party for my four year old

By sourvie on 11/20/2013 04:11:10
my son and his friends had a great time on his 4th birthday . all his friend’s parents were happy to see their kids running and playing games .. shouting and having fun.. it was worth a watch and truly worth the cost. All the parents loved the idea of physi kids party and talked about planning the same for their child’s birthday . good work Kayleen and Teesh  cant thank enough!!
Fabulous Party for Kids

By Lyons on 11/19/2013 03:11:25
My 6 year old daughter and 14 of her friends recently had a physikids party which was amazing. Teesh the instructor had the children eating out of her hand. As I am a primary school teacher I am well aware of how difficult it can be to keep children entertained, active and engaged, Physikids managed all of this brilliantly. Well organised, well priced and the kids loved it. Would highly recommend. Thanks Physikids and Teesh
Fantastic Sports Party for 8 year old!

By Sally on 11/19/2013 00:11:39
I have had the best experience organizing my son’s birthday party with Physikids. Kayleen was super helpful arranging the party and finding an instructor to suit the time I requested. The instructor, Teesh, was absolutely fantastic, keeping the kids running, rolling, ducking and diving for an hour. They had a blast and the birthday boy had a great 8th birthday. Thank you so, so much.
Excellent Value

By Michele Taylor on 10/29/2013 08:10:46
Our son cannot stop talking about his Physi Kids Birthday Party. All my son’s friends from his daycare plus his two siblings got to have fun and be extremely active. Our son was super thrilled to have received a MASSIVE soccer ball that he wasn’t expecting. The enjoyment and fun that everybody had was fantastic. I would highly recommend Physi Kids to every parent wanting to give their child a value for money party that doesn’t break the bank. A party that your child will remember for a long time because the instructors really care for and understand their clientele…….OUR KIDS. Much better value in so many ways that any pretentious party.
A great soccer party!!!

By Katrin on 10/15/2013 11:10:29
A great big thank you to Patrick and Liam and the Physi kids team for a great soccer themed birthday party!!! My 7 year old son and his friends had a ball! The kids were 100% engaged the whole time and loved all the different games. Both my kids have attended Physi kids classes at kindy for several years and have always loved it! Thank you for the great work you are doing!
100% love it

By Kimberley Clarke on 09/27/2013 17:09:43
My daughter Maddison and son Isaac attend Mother duck gaythorne and have Kym as a teacher and they absolutely love it. Every Monday I pick them up from kindy they do not stop talking about what they learnt at physi kids ALL THE WAY hOME!! When we get home they show me most of the things they learnt and even try to teach me. They love their teacher and say “miss physi is my favourite”. Personally I think its great they learn so many different sports, they also learn balance and learn team work. For most kids who parents work all week, this program would be perfect for your little one, especially if you didn’t have time to get them into a sport or activity. Physi kids even tip the good foods to eat. I was shocked one day this year when my daughter asked for lots of veggies because miss physi said she would grow up big and strong. I put my daughter into physi kids to have fun and I got just that plus more… kids have learnt so much and it has such a positive outcome on them. I would recommend physi kids 100% to anyone.
100% love it

By Karina Denyer on 09/27/2013 06:09:35
What a wonderful weekly activity it is, for Miss Jasmin to visit Little Darlings Centre every week, with the great range of activities that PhysiKids provides. My son, Oliver, and his mates have an absolute ball every week, and the improvement in his movement skills, as well as his hand and eye co-ordination is just amazing. Thank you for the wonderful lessons you provide. A very happy Mummy
A wonderful weekly activity

By Rebecca Crowe on 09/23/2013 19:09:08
Hi Kayleen, I was really impressed with Kym and Ebony. What a fantastic and energetic team! I had a long chat with Kym over the phone prior to the day and I was so impressed with her professionalism and her pre-party advice. She is a fantastic asset to your company and could not have been more accommodating. I was SO GRATEFUL to have them there on the day to ‘run the fun’ and they put in SO much enthusiasm. I’ll be recommending you guys to everyone. Heaps of people were impressed and mentioned what fun they thought the day was too. Also – thanks for that terrific gift of the huge bouncy soccer ball for Emjay. I wasn’t expecting that type of fantastic gift and it’s one of his favorites. He insisted that we play ‘danger ball’ with it this afternoon and it was a big improvement than trying to play the game with a small ball. All in all – my expectations were superseded and M.J. had the time of his life. Thanks to all 3 of you – Kayleen, Kym and Ebony, Rebecca.
Circus Birthday Party for 8 yr olds

By Amber Moratti on 09/17/2013 03:09:56
I found Physikids as their signed car drove past me at a set of lights. The universe must have been hearing my call that morning as I had had quotes from 2 other providers offering similar services for $425 and $389 each, way beyond my budget for an 8 yr old birthday party of 15 children. I , in turn googled Physikids and found their website to be super easy and informative. Following this I emailed through my enquiry which was promptly replied to by the beautiful Kayleen. Right from the get go, Kayleen was very polite and such a pleasure to deal with. From the childrens point of view, she was the best thing since ‘choc coated strawberries’, her activities and equipment catered for both boys and girls from the age of my 2 yr old neice to my big boy of 10 yr ( aswell as all of the 8 yr olds inbetween) Limbo, the Hoola Hoop challenge, and singing “Happy Birthday” in an opera voice . . under a parachute mind you, were the favorites of the day! I am more than happy to recommend Physi kids to any parent wanting a fun filled active birthday party, and the best part . . sugar worn off and the kids were all in bed by 6pm. BEST PARTY EVER!! Thank you Kayleen , thank you Physikids
Perfect sports party for prep kids!

By Akiko Nagai on 09/16/2013 21:09:17
It was so much fun for my son’s 6th birthday party. I invited 21 kids(11 boys&10girls). I ordered “Tennis game” mainly to Physi Kids. They did well done not only the tennis games but also many physical and suitable games for prep kids.It was AWESOME;-) They organised it perfectly! I’m happy I could see a lot of smiley faces. Thanks so much, Physi kids!
Perfect sports party for prep kids!

By Akiko Nagai on 09/16/2013 21:09:17
It was so much fun for my son’s 6th birthday party. I invited 21 kids(11 boys&10girls). I ordered “Tennis game” mainly to Physi Kids. They did well done not only the tennis games but also many physical and suitable games for prep kids.It was AWESOME;-) They organised it perfectly! I’m happy I could see a lot of smiley faces. Thanks so much, Physi kids!
Such a fun energetic kids activity at a rate you can afford

By Dannielle Beecham on 08/16/2013 00:08:08
Nate has been loving his sessions at GELC. Its great that PhysiKids comes to the Kindy and gives the kids some structured physical exercise in a fun and energetic way. Nate is only 3 and I was worried about him keeping up but the course is tailored to cater for the varying ages in the group. Nate now knows that Tuesday is PhysiKids day and gets very excited as soon as we tell him its Tuesday today.
Such a fun energetic kids activity at a rate you can afford

By Dannielle Beecham on 08/16/2013 00:08:08
Nate has been loving his sessions at GELC. Its great that PhysiKids comes to the Kindy and gives the kids some structured physical exercise in a fun and energetic way. Nate is only 3 and I was worried about him keeping up but the course is tailored to cater for the varying ages in the group. Nate now knows that Tuesday is PhysiKids day and gets very excited as soon as we tell him its Tuesday today.
Awesome party

By Louissa McIntyre on 08/13/2013 22:08:55
We had Physikids for my daughter’s 6th birthday party and all of the kids (and parents) absolutely loved it. Miss Kym was brilliant keeping all 20 kids engaged for an hour. The games were perfectly suited to their age and abilities. I would 100% recommend Physikids to anyone looking for games/activities for their child’s party.
Thumbs up from Annie!

By Angela O’Neale on 08/07/2013 06:08:32
Annie has to be one your best success stories…She spent the first half of the year on the outer edges of the group, not really joining in. Now she looks forward to her session at Cornerstone Goodstart every week. Thanks for keeping faith in her and not pressuring her the do something she wasn’t comfortable with. You’ve earned both her admiration and mine
My little man loves physi kids.

By Tracey on 08/07/2013 06:08:17
My little man Connor loves going to kindy on Fridays as,he gets to do physi kids with Miss Stephanie at Waterloo st. They do different things every week. It is great exercise for the children!
My little man loves physi kids.

By Tracey on 08/07/2013 06:08:17
My little man Connor loves going to kindy on Fridays as,he gets to do physi kids with Miss Stephanie at Waterloo st. They do different things every week. It is great exercise for the children!
Physi Party

By Helen Politch on 08/04/2013 07:08:20
‘Simply awesome and the best party ever’ was the birthday boy’s words. Keeping 25 (5-7 year old) boys entertained, stimulated and smiling seemed a dream to the Physi kids team. They are just so good at this stuff. They also filled my 7 year old’s party brief (soccer, rugby, stuck in the mud, chase the chook) incorporating all the games he wanted. All the kids were totally entertained for an hour, making my job so easy. By the time they were finished the boys were pooped, they topped on food and cake then went home. I can’t thank Kay, Liam and Chris enough for making party so much fun and ensuring all ages could easily and safely participate in the games. I would highly recommend the Physi kids team for any kids party. Keep up the terrific work! The kids are still talking it about.
Thank you Miss Physi

By Clotilde Belanger on 08/01/2013 18:08:52
Gabe loves his PhysiKids classes at the Cubbyhouse in The Gap. Every Tuesday morning he wants to know what they will do that day. Also, he has really improved his gross motorskills and his general interest in physical activity since starting the program 12 weeks ago. I highly recommend it!
Thank you Miss Physi

By Clotilde Belanger on 08/01/2013 18:08:52
Gabe loves his PhysiKids classes at the Cubbyhouse in The Gap. Every Tuesday morning he wants to know what they will do that day. Also, he has really improved his gross motorskills and his general interest in physical activity since starting the program 12 weeks ago. I highly recommend it!
Physikids is great!

By Daciana on 07/31/2013 01:07:22
Alexandra goes to Seventeen Mile ROCKS daycare centre. She does Physikids on Thursdays and absolutely loves it. Physikids introduced her to most sports rules in a fun way. Alexandra asked to have Katie, her instructor, at her birthday and all the kids had a wonderful time. Thanks Physikids
Physikids is great!

By Daciana on 07/31/2013 01:07:22
Alexandra goes to Seventeen Mile ROCKS daycare centre. She does Physikids on Thursdays and absolutely loves it. Physikids introduced her to most sports rules in a fun way. Alexandra asked to have Katie, her instructor, at her birthday and all the kids had a wonderful time. Thanks Physikids
Fabulous and fun

By Elise Spry on 07/30/2013 06:07:57
Amber goes to Kimberley Park C.C. and has PhysiKids on Tuesday. Its always the first thing she mentions when we pick her up and when we get home we get shown, and quite often made to do, what she learned that day. Thanks for giving her a fun, positive influence.
Fabulous and fun

By Elise Spry on 07/30/2013 06:07:57
Amber goes to Kimberley Park C.C. and has PhysiKids on Tuesday. Its always the first thing she mentions when we pick her up and when we get home we get shown, and quite often made to do, what she learned that day. Thanks for giving her a fun, positive influence.
A fantastic AFL party!

By Debbie Reid on 07/30/2013 00:07:10
Thank you Physi kids for the wonderful AFL session you held for my two boys and 20 of their friends. Chris and Liam were very enthusiastic and had all the children involved and laughing (including helping those who weren’t so sure). The boys claimed it to be the best party ever! I will definitely be using Physi kids again – very affordable and enjoyable for all ages!
Great sports party

By kathryn on 06/10/2013 19:06:11
Rated 10/10 by our 7 year old son and his many friends. Kayleen handled over 20 excited children with warmth and enthusiasm. Having the physikids team entertain the children for an hour allowed me to actually enjoy my child’s birthday party!
Fabulous for Corporate Event

By Jenna Briggs on 03/18/2013 22:03:45
Kayleen and Liam were extremely professional and the kids really enjoyed themselves at our Corporate Easter Event. I would not hesitate to recommend Physi Kids to anyone looking for a great way to get kids active whilst having some fun.
Great for the kids (& adults)

By Karina on 02/18/2013 10:02:02
Our son had a PhysiKids party for his 3rd birthday, as he just loves his lessons at kindy. I can’t say enough about Kayleen and the wonderful activities she had for his party. Kids from 1 1/2 to 3 were totally engaged and had a ball, as well as sleeping so well afterwards. Kayleen had the parents involved having a great time (if they wanted too), and nothing was too much trouble. Thank you for such a wonderful, hassle free party, and we will no doubt see you for another party in the future.
Day care party

By Angie Creed on 12/24/2012 23:12:06
Just wanted to say how much Jake enjoyed his birthday party with Hannah at his day care cantre. It was the most hassle free party we have had and the kids had a ball!! Hannah is awesome! I will definitely recommend a physie kids party to other parents.
Corporate Family Christmas Party

By Julie Riddle on 12/10/2012 23:12:54
Kayleen and Liam were fantastic at our Corporate Family Christmas Party. They managed to keep a large group of about 40 children entertained with an age group range of 4 to 14 years for 4 hours! Nothing was too much trouble and they encouraged all the children to be involved in the activities while ensuring the parents were able to enjoy the Christmas party too! We would highly recommend Physi Kids and as this is the second year in a row we have used them, recommend their service, professionalism and accommodation of both kids and adult requests.
Thank you Kayleen

By Esther Jenkins on 12/09/2012 09:12:40
Kayleen saved the day with our daughter’s 4th bday party. She somehow worked a miracle and at one point had 27 kids between 2 and 8 entertained! They all loved her and so did the adults! She was absolutely fantastic. If only she could come every time!
Jonny’s party

By Anne-Marie Rodd on 08/01/2012 05:07:00
Jonny had a wonderful Physikids 5th birthday party with his buddies today in a local park. All the kids are now abuzz with questions – “when can we do a Physikids class again?” Thank you, Kayleen.
Physi Kids Party

By Katie Bryant on 06/26/2012 00:06:02
Thank you Teesh for doing such a great job at Sam and Ollie’s 4th birthday party. All 10 kids had such a great time and you managed to keep them all occupied for an hour!! It made the party so much easier for us parents to stand back and watch the kids having a go and trying lots of different games. My mum and mother-in-law are both primary school teachers who were particularly impressed by Teesh at her skill with the kids – I have to say both were skeptical about the idea of me ‘hiring help’ for a kids’ party, but both are raving about her now! Thanks so much – I would def use Physi Kids again and the other parents there were asking for their details.
PhysiKids Party

By Jasmin Donald on 05/23/2012 06:05:52
Thanks so much to Kayleen for making Campbell’s 5th Birthday on Sunday such a great day! All the children had a fantastic time and told their parents they want a Physi Kids party for their birthday! All the children loved Kayleen and thought she was very funny. The games that were provided for the children worked really well with the 5 year olds, as they were entertained for the whole time Kayleen was there. The parents also commented on what great party it was, and how their children enjoyed all the games. I would highly recommend a PhysiKids Party!

By Carmel Montague on 05/11/2012 00:05:58
This is the 2nd time we have booked Physikids for our son’s birthday. The first was for his 4th birthday with all his preschool friends, and for his 6th birthday he was very keen to do it again with his new school friends. Everyone had the BEST time. The kids were all happy and entertained which meant the parents got to have a chat and relax as well. I cannot recommend Physikids highly enough. They simply take all the hard work out of a child’s party.
PhysiKids party

By Kate Weldon-Upton on 04/30/2012 19:04:48
Just wanted to to say thank you thank you thank you for coming to my son’s 5th birthday party! He had an awesome time and Karlene was truly the best party host I’ve ever seen, she had such a great rapport with the kids. How she managed to keep their interest for so long was amazing!! We had a ‘Mario at the Olympics’ theme and she put a huge amount of effort into choosing games to fit this theme, giving them cool names and even printing out little Mario character stickers for all the kids so they could choose who they were in the games. I’m going to recommend you to everyone!
PhysiKids Birthday Party

By Kerry-Anne Bansi on 03/06/2012 08:03:19
We had PhysiKids do a sports party for my son’s 3 year old birthday. I cannot rate them highly enough. My family and I agree that the PhysiKids party was the best that we have had. The coordinator was very professional and organised. She did an amazing job of engaging 10 kids of different ages (2yrs – 6 yrs), better than we as their parents every could! The adults enjoyed watching the games as much as the kids enjoyed participating. Excellent value for money. If I could give PhysiKids 6 stars I would. I only hope that my oldest son requests a PhysiKids party when it is his birthday in a couple of months!
Fun Party with Physikids

By Erika Setyadi on 02/07/2012 00:02:36
We had Physikids on our daughter’s 6th birthday party. It was fantastic! The children had fun and enjoyed the game, and they kept on asking for more. The party instructor was great with the children and in dealing with some challenging ones. We got asked several times by different parents about how we found physikids. They all think that it was a great way to entertain and tire children out on a birthday party and the look on their face said it all! Thanks Physikids for making the birthday party a memorable one!
physi kids at kuraby ELC

By Kelly Hobson on 12/07/2011 20:12:49
Physi kids with miss Katie has assisted my 3.5 yr. Old daughter in better self confidence and she even discusses her body parts by correct name I would highly recommend physi kids to any parent for there children I honestly love hearing her describe how to play the large variety of sports they are tought from AFL to shot putt dance to tennis. Just a shame all long daycare centres are involved.
physi kids at kuraby ELC

By Coral Reynolds on 12/03/2011 07:12:40
I arranged for our son to have a Physikids party for his 4th birthday. He loves his days at childcare when Physikids are there and I thought it would be a great idea to celebrate his birthday with his friends. All of the kids had such a wonderful time being kept busy with all sorts of games and activities. I highly recommend Physikids for a birthday party.
Physikids birthday party

By Julie Patterson on 10/26/2011 06:10:46
We recently engaged Physikids to entertain over 10 children at our son’s 6th birthday. They were fantastic! The format was a half hour of games and activities, food and drink break and then another half hour of games and activities . They arrived earlier than the stated start time to set up and provided a present to the birthday boy. The Physikids co-ordinator was polite and extremely approachable and inclusive with everyone, the kids related well to her and as a result were all eager to be involved and thoroughly enjoyed the games and activities arranged by Physikids. Even the parents were keen observers as the kids were hilarious in how they interpreted and played the games and activities, so it was a party that was enjoyed by all. Thank you Physikids!
Physi Kids at Bayside Park Early Education Centre (Cleveland)

By Carole Adams on 10/25/2011 05:10:53
At Bayside Park Early Education Centre, the children thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to participate in the fun activities offered by Physi Kids. Each Physi Kids session builds on the activities already taking place within the Centre, and further develops the children’s understanding of the importance of being healthy. The classes provide the children with the opportunity to exercise through active play with a range of different resources, and also develop their social skills as they learn more about sharing and taking turns. Physi Kids is a great foundation for children to learn that exercise can (and should) be fun!
My son LOVES Physi Kids

By Tracey Nelson on 06/16/2011 04:06:15
My son Jamie goes to the Springfield Lakes daycare. He hated going to daycare on Fridays cause his bestmate is not there. Since I have enrolled him into Physi Kids he loves to go on Fridays. He waits patiently for the Physi Kids Lady to come and once he see her he gets so excited. I know he is starting the day on a happy note and is getting exercise as well. I would recommend Physi kids to any parent who wants their child to do some exercise and have fun at the same time.
My son LOVES Physi Kids

By Katrena Josipovic on 06/10/2011 06:06:34
My daughter has Physi kids every Tuesday at her day care centre and she loves it as she’s an active little girl. My husband and I look forward to hearing her talk about Physi Kids and we are also impressed that we get an information sheet left by the instructor about what happened in the class.
My daughter loves Physi Kids

By Anne-Marie Rodd on 06/09/2011 03:06:52
My 3.5yo skips off to class so excited to be seeing Miss Dizzy again. Our group had a full class booked with Physikids but more and more kids would keep wandering over to join in the fun! We might need 2 sessions next term!
Not only good for their physical development

By Chris Dyer on 06/03/2011 09:06:40
My little man has speech and communication issues, and physikids has really helped with his confidence and expression of his frustrating little world. It’s a great talking point when I pick him up from kindy,
Not only good for their physical development, Physikids builds great skills and self esteem

By Nerida Talbot on 06/03/2011 06:06:59
Mackenzie always looks forward to seeing Miss Dizzy each week! She loves showing me what she has learned each week and the activity lists mean I can have a go too on the weekend with her! Her ball and coordination skills have improved significantly and you should see her hoola hoop go! Wow! Look out Cirque du Soleil! Mackenzie is always so proud of learning something new and perfecting a skill – her pride in doing a perfect forward roll is so wonderful and builds her self esteem. I would really recommend PhysiKids to parents to build great skills and an activity the kids really love and look forward to each week.
Physikids builds great skills and self esteem

By Jacqui Ross on 06/03/2011 06:06:24
Sasi luuuuvs PhysiKids every week! Its my bribe to get her to Kindy! She also takes much pleasure in showing me all her new skills that shes learnt..she does a better burpee than I do!!! Jacqui aand Sasi Ross (mother duck, gaythorne)
Sasi luvs PhysiKids!

By Sarah Head on 06/03/2011 05:06:58
Brilliant in so many ways. Mstr 4 y.o loves the activity, variety & stimulation. As a mum, I love the positive re-enforcement of a healthy mind & body. Instructors lead the group positively (with saint-like patience at times!). I couldn’t expose my son to all the games & activities on my own. A great nights sleep always follows Physi kids afternoon!
Smiles all round!

By Katie Mackenzie on 06/03/2011 05:06:10
My 4 yo daughter loves Thursdays cos that’s Physikids day! It’s great to get the weekly info sheet about the lesson so I can ask her about it on our way home. Today we are singing “deep in the jungle…ooga chugga….ooga chugga!”.
Smiles all round!

By Linda Lombard on 06/03/2011 04:06:33
Both my daughters have attended Physikids at RECCC and have really enjoyed it. In fact, even though my oldest daughter is in Grade 1, she wanted Physikids to do the entertainment for her 6th birthday party, what a blast! My youngest is in pre-prep and is still enjoying lessons every Friday. I would definitely recommend signing up with Physikids
Fantastic program!!

By Dominique Buckland on 06/03/2011 04:06:16
Physikids provide a Phantastic program aimed at enhancing childrens physical development. Their program is unique, fun and at the same time extremely professional. My 2 & 9 year olds had an absolute blast at a physikids party they attended recently. Definitely recommend for everyone to give it a go.

By Anna Matthews on 06/03/2011 04:06:03
What a great programme you provide to help keep our kids healthy and active! Poppy always looks forward to Tuesdays cause that’s when she gets to see MISS PHYSI !
Physi Kids

By Sandy Sergeant on 06/03/2011 03:06:30
My daughter loves physi kids…. She is now climbing, jumping and using the activities she has learned at home and in the park. Great program, love how you only pay for 5 lessons at a time, so keep the cost down. I’ll recommend it to any one…
Physi kids

By Diana Lal on 05/29/2011 01:05:58
My son just had his first lesson with Physi Kids at his day care and he loves it! It brings back memories of the games we use to play as kids ie. egg & spoon race and the sack race. Recommend it anyone.